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Perfect General, The
Perfect General, The - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 10 reviews 6 manuals Cheatcode 5 weblinks
12 screenshots 6 boxscans 4 diskscans 6 miscshots 2 conversions 14 gamemaps
Year of the first release1991LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherQQP - Rest of the World
Ubi Soft - Europe
Number max of players2Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperWhite Wolf
ArtistsCoder : Bob Rakosky (BobR)
Coder : Mark Lewis Baldwin
Graphician : Bob Rakosky (BobR)
Graphician : Donald Rinker
Graphician : Mark Lewis Baldwin
Graphician : Stuart Compton
Musician : Bob Rakosky (BobR)
Musician : Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
Musician : Helene Rakosky
Misc : Bob Rakosky (BobR)
Misc : Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
Misc : Mark Lewis Baldwin
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameunknown
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes

HD installer is contained on the game disk.

SubcategoryWargame - Turn-based
QuickmatchGame Controller - Joystick+Keyboard Combo Control
QuickmatchGame Controller - Mouse+Keyboard Combo Control
QuickmatchLoading - Launch Game From WB/AmigaDOS, Does Not Autoboot
QuickmatchMultiplayer Support - Modem/Online
QuickmatchMultiplayer Support - Serial/Null-Modem
ViewpointTop Down
Conversion hardware3DO
Conversion notes

PC versions: EGA, VGA

Classic compilationLords Of Power, The
Relationshiphas a data disk: Perfect General, The: Scenario Disk - World War II Battle Set
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Rarity: One version is common, at least one other version is rare One version is common, at least one other version is rareOne version is common, at least one other version is rare

[1] Original game concept by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino; game design by Bob Rakosky, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino and Mark Baldwin. Coding by Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky. Graphics by Stuart Compton, Mark Baldwin, Bob Rakosky and Don Rinker. Music by Bruce Williams Zaccagnino and sound FX by Bob & Helene Rakosky.

[2] Min. Requirements: KS 1.2/1.3/2.x, 1MB ram.

[3] Game is not ready-to-run off disk out of the box - it must be decompressed/installed on to two floppies or hard drive first before playing (double-click the 'PG Install' icon on disk from WB or execute 'PG Install' from a CLI/shell).

[4] Game must be manually launched from WB or CLI/shell after decompression to floppy or HD installation [i.e. game does not autoboot from floppy - double-click the 'Perfect General' icon from WB on disk 1 OR execute 'Perfect General' from HD (or floppy) from CLI/shell after executing the command 'stack 32000'; please refer to Amiga Reference Card/Technical Supplement for more details].

[5] Game supports keyboard-mouse/keyboard-joystick control and 2-player dial-up/null modem gameplay.

Last known release:
V1.02 (19-Nov-91)

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