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Power Drive
Power Drive - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Here are the level codes for the game. All codes start with the minimum 1% damage to the headlights (which is the cheapest thing to fix and because the car is damaged, allows you to buy a new car) and $500,000 cash (which should be enough to complete the game):




Stage 2 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBBLBR1” - (Kenya)

Stage 3 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBCLBR2” - (Sweden)

Stage 4 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBDLBR3” - (Corsica)

Stage 5 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBFLBR5” - (Arizona)

Stage 6 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBGLBR6” - (Finland)

Stage 7 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBHLBR7” - (Australia)

Stage 8 - “BBBBBBBCMBCLBBBJLBR9” - (Great Britain)

If you complete the final stage (Great Britain) you become world champion and get a bonus track in Arizona (which has no level code).

Note that the level codes have the drivers name built into them so you will always appear as “IAN” if you use any of the codes above.

You can also switch the car names in the directory (FIAT, CLIO etc) with another car to start with a faster vehicle.

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