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Powerdrome - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Here are some tips on the various tracks:

Oval: The secret with this track is to use as much afterburner as possible, but without blowing up your engines. Keep your eye on the temperature gauge. This track is fairly wide, so switch the centering field OFF and pick up speed. Go around as fast as you can.

Antacorp: A difficult track. Turn the centering field up to four or five, which will put you in the middle of the course. When you go through the underground chicane, hold down the right shift key. This will take you through the vertical scanner without slowing down; then straighten.

Clortek: Shortly after the start line, you will encounter a trench. Donít waste your time flying through it; just go over it. When you reach the pressure gate, which is around half way, donít slow down. If youíre going to crash into it then slow down. Hopefully this wonít occur, but in this instance itís no use fighting the consequences. When you come out of the exit, switch the afterbunrers on. Go for speed on this next stretch.

Otyaka: Itís main sectionís underground, very dark and at first quite difficult. The track careers from left to right so turn the centering on at around level five. Once you emerge into the open, youíll come across a nasty right hand hairpin, so hold down the centering key again.

This section takes some practice.

Banzal: So named because it really is the hardest track. Crank the centering up as much as possible but reduce it down to six if feasible and necessary. Youíll encounter the same kind of underground dip as on the Otyaka course, so use the same tactics. If you get through this you are GOOD.

Apocalypt: This section has an alarmingly tight hairpin situated three corners from the start. Take it using centring mode. While underground you will go through a loop de loop. You get through this using gentle movements of the mouse, with centring set around six. This should see you right.

Estoria: Back into sunny climes and a fairly wide track. Bomb around the course with a low centring setting or none at all.

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