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Virocop - Sprite screenshot Virocop  
alias Virus Alert [Prerelease name]
Virocop - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 2 reviews Manual Cheatcode 4 weblinks
32 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan 1 miscshot Conversion 22 gamemaps
Year of the first release1995LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)3PublisherRenegade - Worldwide
Time Warner Interactive - Worldwide
Number max of players2Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players2DeveloperGraftgold
ArtistsCoder : Andrew Braybrook
Coder : Iain Wallington
Coder : Steve Turner
Graphician : Colin Seaman
Graphician : Iain Wallington
Graphician : John Kershaw
Graphician : Steve Turner
Graphician : Steve Wilkins
Graphician : Terry Cattrell
Musician : Lee Banyard
Language in manual
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2020-04-01 21:17:45
HD installyesHD notesDrag the HD install icon on disk 1 to the HD to install.
SubcategoryShooter - Uncategorised
ScrolltypeScrolling - Multi-directional
ThemeScience Fiction - Robots / Cyborgs
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilation
Page views: 6473 - Last update: 19th February 2012
Notes:   Game loading times are reduced with extra memory by caching data in a ram disk.
Two player options; both turn-by-turn and simultaneous, where one player controls movement and the other controls the weapon.
The AGA version contains an extra level (Crusader)

If you have played Graftgold's games, QUAZATRON (for ZX Spectrum) and MAGNETRON (for ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64), you may notice that the protagonist of VIROCOP, D.A.V.E., bears a striking resemblance to the character KLP-2, found in QUAZATRON and MAGNETRON.
Steve Turner, who developed QUAZATRON and MAGNETRON, is one of the three coders of VIROCOP, which explains the similar design of both protagonists.
QUAZATRON was originally developed as a port of PARADROID (for the Commodore 64 and which would later remade on the Amiga as PARADROID 90), although it later included some differences such as the use of an isometric view.

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