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Virtual GP
alias Alien F1 [Prerelease name]
Virtual GP - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 1 review 1 manual Cheatcode 1 weblink
8 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan Miscshot Conversion Gamemap
Year of the first release1999LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherIslona [Epic Marketing] - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperAlien, The (Paolo Cattani)
ArtistsCoder : Paolo Cattani (The Alien)
Graphician : Igor Imhoff (Ilian/RamJam)
Misc : Oliver P. Roberts
Misc : Simone Pancri
Language in manual
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes
SubcategoryRacing - Uncategorised
Dimension3D (Texturemap)
QuickmatchGame Controller Support - Analogue Joystick
ScrolltypeInto Screen
ThemeTransport - Car
ViewpointFirst Person
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes

HD installation is required to save (e.g. car setups, championship etc.) or configure the game. The game CD must also be inserted to play the HD version.

Classic compilation
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Rarity: Common as mud Common as mud

[1] Game design by Oliver P. Roberts and Simone Pancri. [2] Min. Requirements (lo-res 320x256): 2Mb chipram, 4Mb fastram, 68030/25Mhz CPU, HD, AGA/gfx card, CDROM drive (16x or faster to run animations without slowdown). Requirements (med-res 320x512): 68040/40Mhz minimum, AGA (standard lo-res; 320x512 DBLPAL ideally) or gfx card (screenmodes with 1x2 ratio needed). Requirements (double buffering): 68040/40Mhz minimum, gfx card (use double-buffered version if a lot of flickering is experienced with gfx cards running the other versions). [3] The game uses a 3D texture mapped graphics engine and supports full multitasking. [4] The game CD contains English and German instructions. [5] Game supports play via mouse and digital or analogue steering wheels/joysticks. Additionally, the game can be played directly from CD, but you won't be able to save (e.g. car setups, championship etc.) or configure the game. Finally, the CD must be inserted at all times to play the game due to on-CD protection. [6] An early pre-release demo of the game, Alien F1 V0.9a, is available on Aminet (dir: game/demo/AlienF1.lha). Unlike the commercial release, it is AGA only and does not support gfx cards. [7] An updated 1999 season demo of the commercial release is available on Aminet (dir: game/demo/VGP1999.lha). It needs slightly higher CPU requirements (68030/50Mhz) than the original commercial release. [8] Three update patches for the game were released by main coder, Paolo Cattani: ** Virtual GP Upgrade Patch 1, Virtual GP Upgrade Patch 2 and Virtual GP Upgrade Patch 3 Among other things, these patches contain a game FAQ, an audio file converter, a texture editor, 1999 grand prix teams & drivers, more detailed 1999 grand prix car objects, car object converters to create own cars, and a track designer utility to create new custom tracks. Most (if not all) of these enhancements can be used with both the demo and commercial releases. ** Virtual GP V1.0d Update Among other things, this last update patch introduces an arcade mode into the original game, thus making racing much easier and more fun for beginners (dir: game/patch/VGP1.0d.lha). [9] Other patches in the form of Virtual GP - Season Data 1999 and Virtual GP - Season Data 2000 updates are also available on Aminet. [10] A few of the promised enhancements (outlined in the CD docs) including PPC and null-modem multiplayer support never eventuated. Last known release: V1.0d (01-Jul-2000).

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