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Weird Dreams
Weird Dreams - Double Barrel Screenshot
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At the start of the game, escape from the candy floss machine by ducking under the rotating bar until it is covered with candy floss. Wait until the bar is over the opposite side of the screen and then jump. You should catch the bar and be lifted out.

Immediately walk left and out of the screen to avoid the giant bee. Move left through the fairground and you will appear in the hall of mirrors.

Walk into the right most mirror as far as you can without actually going through. You will appear really fat at the perfect position due to the reflection. Now stop and enter SOS in morse code with the ‘HELP’ key. SOS in morse code is “…–…”. 3 quick stabs of the ‘HELP’ key, the press it 3 more times at 1 second intervals and then 3 more quick stabs. Your lives counter should now be replaced by an infinity symbol.

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