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Wings - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Each letter of the word wings on the main menu does something. To access them hold down ‘CTRL’, ‘L SHIFT’, and ‘L ALT’ while holding down the right mouse button. Keep holding the keys and the right mouse button and click on the letters with the left mouse button.


“W”__________________________________Music on/off

“I”_______Turns caps lock into an autofire button

“N”____________________________Skip flight school


“S”______________Save game without having to exit

To access the cheat mode you have to go to flight school. To get an awesome pilot click on the bullseye on the airplane at the top of the flight school menu. The screen will either flash or you will get a requester asking if you want to quit (say no). Then create a new pilot with the name “Orca The Killer Tomato” type as it’s printed. Orca doesn’t need school. To access a menu option (much of which is no longer useful or active) create a new pilot and name him ” Who is The Riddler”. Make sure to put the two spaces before the name. Don’t use the ‘RETURN’ key to enter it, hit the ‘ESC’ key instead. Now follow the prompts.

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