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  Wiz 'n' Liz Wiz 'n' Liz - Sprite screenshot
Wiz 'n' Liz - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Apple + Apple Free bonus letter.

Apple + Strawberry Opens exit door (or awards points).

Apple + Banana Opens shop (or awards points).

Apple + Orange Fruit randomiser.

Apple + Carrot 5,000 points.

Apple + Potato Friendship spell.

Apple + Cabbage Time Doubler (once only).

Apple + Mango 75 stars.

Apple + Lemon 100,000 points.

Apple + Onion Magic ruby.

Apple + Pear Me and my shadow!

Apple + Cherry 150 stars.

Apple + Avocado Toggle Grassland door.

Apple + Mushroom Fruit returner spell.

Avocado + Avocado All Bonus letters given.

Avocado + Mushroom Extra life.

Banana + Banana Oh no! It’s Lemmings.

Banana + Orange Absolutely nothing!

Banana + Carrot 50 stars.

Banana + Potato Open hint shop (or awards points).

Banana + Cabbage Sale spell.

Banana + Mango Toggle Templeland door.

Banana + Lemon Turns fruit into time.

Banana + Onion Catch!

Banana + Pear Turns fruit into points.

Banana + Cherry Tortois.

Banana + Avocado 45 extra seconds.

Banana + Mushroom Slow Timer.

Cabbage + Cabbage Letter Basher sub game.

Cabbage + Mango 25,000 stars.

Cabbage + Lemon No invisible letters.

Cabbage + Onion 5 seconds extra time.

Cabbage + Pear Toggle Deadland door.

Cabbage + Cherry Shadow lands.

Cabbage + Avocado 50,000 points.

Cabbage + Mushroom Wabbitoids sub game.

Carrot + Carrot Sound test.

Carrot + Potato 20 seconds extra time.

Carrot + Cabbage Diddley squat.

Carrot + Mango A bunch of bananas!

Carrot + Lemon 80 stars.

Carrot + Onion Fruit preserver.

Carrot + Pear Wabbit invaders.

Carrot + Cherry 1 star and 100,000 points.

Carrot + Avocado 5 stars.

Carrot + Mushroom Turns fruit into stars.

Cherry + Cherry Bounce sub game.

Cherry + Avocado Fruit increaser spell.

Cherry + Mushroom Skip a level spell.

Lemon + Lemon Swap bonus letters.

Lemon + Onion Random extra points.

Lemon + Pear Double stars (in level).

Lemon + Cherry Disassembly clue.

Lemon + Avocado 1 star.

Lemon + Mushroom 1 second and 300 stars.

Mango + Mango Double time icons.

Mango + Lemon Random extra stars.

Mango + Onion Toggle Desertland door.

Mango + Pear 100 stars.

Mango + Cherry 1 second extra time.

Mango + Avocado Ha ha!

Mango + Mushroom 250,000 points.

Mushroom + Mushroom Magic sapphire.

Onion + Onion No dying wabbits.

Onion + Pear Magic mushrooms.

Onion + Cherry 20,000 points.

Onion + Avocado 125 stars.

Onion + Mushroom Cheeseburger.

Orange + Orange 1 point.

Orange + Carrot Blue wabbits.

Orange + Potato Snake sub game.

Orange + Cabbage Cunfusius.

Orange + Mango Random extra time.

Orange + Lemon Chance sub game.

Orange + Onion 30 seconds extra time.

Orange + Pear 40 seconds extra time.

Orange + Cherry Toggle Lunarland door.

Orange + Avocado 10,000 points.

Orange + Mushroom Tube skiing sub game.

Pear + Pear Finder sub game.

Pear + Cherry 175 stars.

Pear + Avocado 200 stars.

Pear + Mushroom 50 seconds extra time.

Potato + Potato Toggle Treeland door.

Potato + Cabbage Game over (joke).

Potato + Mango Magic emerald.

Potato + Lemon Guesser sub game.

Potato + Onion Not a sausage.

Potato + Pear Gold rush sub game.

Potato + Cherry Toggle Mineland door.

Potato + Avocado Toggle Snowland door.

Potato + Mushroom 250 stars.

Strawberry + Strawberry 10 seconds extra time.

Strawberry + Banana Magic diamond.

Strawberry + Orange Splat those dudes sub game.

Strawberry + Carrot Point doubler (once only).

Strawberry + Potato Web wabbits.

Strawberry + Cabbage Gween wabbits.

Strawberry + Mango Wheel spin sub game.

Strawberry + Lemon Trip a tron.

Strawberry + Onion Stormy weather.

Strawberry + Pear Pong sub game.

Strawberry + Cherry Stars 2x (once only).

Strawberry + Avocado Double bonus.

Strawberry + Mushroom 1 point and 60 seconds.



Hints that can be bought at the Hint shop:

Hint A: Don't forget that 'fire' and 'down' drops you through a platform!
Hint B: Remember to make a note of your password for future games!
Hint C: Don't forget that the most time you can have is three minutes!
Hint D: Don't forget that fruit last for three rounds only!
Hint E: When you run out of time, race around to find the shining extra time ball!
Hint F: Try the banana and apple spell to go shopping
Hint G: Stand under the leaves of the freaky flower to be safe!
Hint H: Bored of your fruit? Try an apple and an orange for a bit of variety
Hint I: You can quit the game at any time by pressing the escape key!
Hint J: If you can't afford your shopping, try a banana and a cabbage to make your stars go further!
Hint K: Make sure you always save a dying wabbit, else all your letters will be lost!
Hint L: Don't forget that your fairy always shows the shortest route to the dying wabbit!
Hint M: Collect all four gems for a mega bonus!
Hint N: Before you have the magic word, a dying wabbit will always release a letter!
Hint O: Try mixing a spell to increase the value of your wabbits!
Hint P: Collect everything in the bonus round for an extra life!
Hint Q: On 'splat those dudes' hit Puggsy a lot for an extra life!
Hint R: In 'the colour of magic' hang around for a while!
Hint S: Try a pair of pears, to keep what you find!
Hint T: Time flies when you're having fun! Try a mushroom and a banana for an exception to the rule!

Unlock hint "V":
Enter MQHS PKDN as a password.

"Look up to the sky and hold down 'a' and extra time will come your way!
However, use it sparingly!"

->   Press up and hold down the 'a' key. Extra time won't actually appear, you need to collect a few wabbits and it will appear. You can do that even if you have a lot of time left.
I am not sure about the last part of the message because I managed to trigger that at least 3 times in the same level.

Unlock hint "W":
Enter CBSK LGQD as a password.

"When putting a password hold down 'fire and 'c' as you enter the last letter to begin with loads of stars!"
->  Gives you 100 stars and the shop is open.

Unlock hint "X":
Enter BBBB BBBB as a password.

Unlock hint "Y":
Enter TTTT TTTT as a password.

Hints U and Z do not seem to exist.

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