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Shadow Of The Beast II
Shadow Of The Beast II - Double Barrel Screenshot
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At the start of the game, walk to the right until you reach the pigmy.

Press A to get into the question mode and type TEN PINTS. This will give you infinite energy.




Go left to where the bad guy has a guy trapped in a force field.

Quickly hit him a couple of times to kill him and free the lower guy. He will then tell you the position of a switch (upper or

lower) for later in the game. Now go left and down the rope to the swamp. Go left until you get to the building. Enter the

building, go left and pick up the jug. Now go back to where you started the game. From here go right and through the spear

throwing dudes. Go up and kill the guy who is throwing the green puddle things at you. Pick up the axe he drops. Now go left and fall from the ledge. Go right to the rock that is by itself and you can see a little grass spot on the ground. Jump on this like 4-5 times and it will fall through. Go down the steps and you are in the crystal cavern. Go left, at the bridge a guy will start running left. Chase him and he will take you to a bridge that is being mechanically shortened. Jump and shoot the dude thats

cranking the bridge(3 or so shots with the axe). Now break the door at the other side of the bridge with your ball & chain. Go up the first chandelier. Go left and hit the correct switch.

Now go down and kill the guards and go right. Get the key and go left, you will get caught and they throw you in jail. USE THE O

command and give the jug to the guard. After he passes out break down the door with ball & chain. Kill the guard. go up the rope (faster than the prisoner) and kill the guard at the upper left and then go back down the rope to get the key he dropped. Now go up the rope and go left at the first chance you get. Use 1 of the keys and free the prisoner. Go to the top of the rope and go left and get the ring. Now if you go right the prisoners get killed.

Give the ring to the old man who lost it, but he still wants a

parchment before he will teach you a spell. The other key is for the locked door in the first building (the inn where you got the jug).

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