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Brian The Lion
Brian The Lion - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Enter Mr*Pumpkin as your password. The screen should flash to let you know it worked. During play press the CAPS LOCK and press any of the following keys.


H_________________________Gives you nine hit points.

L______________________________Gives you nine lives.

J___Give you nine of each power up and nine credits.

K________________________________Gives you 999 gems.

F______________________________________Not sure yet.

D______________________________________Not sure yet.

O__________________________________Opens up the map.

Once you press one of the keys it wont show up. If you press K and the pick up a gem the gems will show 999. If you die than all of it will show up.

On the first level, when you come to the springy brick, jump to the left. When you defeat the bees, go to the end where you will be rushed away by a whirlwind.

The whirlwind will take you to jungle secret 1, and on completing this you will be taken to Bonus Paradise where you will be blessed with jewels and energy.




The Spooky Ruins____________sXr7vgqaGP

The Way Forward_____________sXqkKgqaGd




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