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Starquake - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information Review 1 manual Cheatcode 3 weblinks
96 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan Miscshot 7 conversions 2 gamemaps
Year of the first release2018LicenseReverse Engineered Modification
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherFusion Retro Books - Worldwide
Psytronik - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperTOS Brothers
ArtistsCoder : Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad/FLT^SCX)
Graphician : Darren Doyle (Greyfox, The Punisher, Nemesis)
Graphician : David McLachlan
Graphician : Mark R. Jones (Mark Jones Jnr.)
Graphician : Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad/FLT^SCX)
Graphician : Predseda
Musician : Alvaro Delgado Reinoso (ADRDesign, ADR Design/Suicidal Tendencies)
Musician : Andy Lemon (Ne7/SCX^Napalm^Rebels^Triad^DCS)
Musician : Carlos Del Alamo (Estrayk/Capsule^Darkness^PDX)
Musician : Ian Ford (H0ffman/Focus Design, Dreamfish/DCS^TRSI, Hydlide)
Musician : Jason C. Brooke (Jas C. Brooke)
Musician : Matthew Simmonds (4mat/Ate Bit, 4-Mat/Razor 1911^Cosine^Anarchy)
Musician : Peter Wahlgren (Notorious/SCX^Insane^PwL)
Misc : Steve Crow (Stephen Crow)
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameno
Have cheatcodeyes
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2020-04-19 12:39:31
HD installnoHD notes
SubcategoryPlatform - Adventure
ScrolltypeSingle Screen - Flip Screen
ThemeScience Fiction - Aliens
Conversion hardwareAmstrad/Schneider CPC464/664/6128
Atari 800/130/XL/XE
Atari ST/E
BBC Micro/Electron (Acorn)
Commodore C64/128
MSX 1/2
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128/+2/+3 – Timex TS2068/TC2068/TC2048
Tatung Einstein
Conversion notes

Based on Steve Crow/Bubble Bus 1985 Spectrum release; ported from 1988 Mandarin Software Atari ST release.
PC versions: CGA

N.B. A STARQUAKE remake for iPad/iPhone was released in 2011.

Classic compilation
Page views: 2670 - Last update: 10th February 2020
Rarity: One version is common, at least one other version is rare One version is common, at least one other version is rareOne version is common, at least one other version is rare

[1] Game design by Steve Crow. Amiga conversion reverse-engineered from the Atari ST release by Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad/FLT^SCX).

Main graphics
by David McLachlan; intro gfx by Predseda; additional gfx by Darren Doyle (Greyfox); Starquake logo by Mark R. Jones and retouching by Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad).

Title music composition
by Jas C. Brooke and Amiga conversion by Andy Lemon (Ne7/SCX); additional music conversion by Alvaro Delgado Reinoso (ADRDesign); loading music by Peter Wahlgren (Notorious/SCX); intro music by Ian Ford (Hoffman); and hidden game section music composed by Matthew Simmonds (4-Mat) and Amiga conversion by Carlos del Alamo (Estrayk).

[2] Min. Requirements: 1MB ram (game runs sluggishly on 1MB Amiga systems, but a more optimised update is planned for 2019 to remedy this).
Recommended: 68020 CPU, at least 1MB ram (required for smooth gameplay).

[3] STARQUAKE V1.1 was released for the Amiga in November 2018 as freeware (see EAB announcement), with a limited edition commercial boxed release (budget/premium/standard/collector's edition/deluxe versions) also being available for purchase from Psytronik and, previously, the Fusion Retro Books website.

[4] More info. about the development of the Amiga conversion of STARQUAKE can be read in this EAB thread started in August 2014 by coder Phill Boag-Butcher (Galahad) [see HERE].

[5] STARQUAKE V1.1 (video preview) is available for viewing HERE [Source: Saberman's YouTube channel].

[6] ***STARQUAKE V1.1 (full PD release incl. scene intro)*** is available for download from these sources:

STARQUAKE V1.1 (ADF disk version) [Source: Scoopex demoscene website]
STARQUAKE V1.1 (ADF disk/WHDLoad HD versions) [Source: EAB FTP site]
STARQUAKE V1.1 (ADF disk/WHDLoad HD versions) [Source: EAB FTP mirror site]

TRIVIA: The Amiga conversion of STARQUAKE contains a couple of Easter eggs. For those who are easily given to temptation, the elusive secrets to unlocking the hidden game section, the meaning of life & more are only revealed in the mysteriously named Cheatcode section!!! (---> see HERE ;-)

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