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Superman: The Man Of Steel
Superman: The Man Of Steel - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Comic strip sequence introducing the first mission

Superman does his best impersonation of Space Harrier when he battles the advance guard of supervillain Darkseid's invading Parademon army.

Comic strip sequence portraying the second mission

Superman does battle with terrorists galore in an effort to save his beloved Lois Lane and Governor Lee, who are being held hostage aboard The Atlantis, anchored in Metropolis Harbour.

Superman uses his heat vision in combat with the latest in a long line of foes aboard The Atlantis.

Comic strip sequence describing the third mission

Superman must escort the space shuttle carrying Professor Gorwin to the STAR Labs satellite through an asteroid storm containing strength-sapping green Kryptonite.

Comic strip sequence detailing the fourth mission

Superman enters the satellite's airlock and proceeds down the corridors towards the control room.

The system's defence robots have gone haywire and have wrongly identified Superman as an illegal intruder. The robots first shots aren't fatal, but rather trap him in a bubble from which he must punch his way free or face a hail of more deadly fire.

Comic strip sequence depicting the fifth mission

Déjà vu! Superman must navigate another asteroid storm riddled with green Kryptonite, but this time to escort the STAR Labs satellite to safety instead of the space shuttle.

Comic strip sequence laying out the sixth mission

Once again Superman heads off into the asteroid storm, this time to be confronted by Darkseid's robot minions. The mechanical terrors emanate from a huge mother robot, which awaits our superhero at the end of the level.

Comic strip sequence designating the seventh mission

The alien satellite is protected by a huge forcefield belonging to arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Heatseeking missiles await Superman on penetration, after which he must use his telescopic vision to one-by-one seek & destroy the space station's vital sectors.

Comic strip sequence spelling out Superman's eighth and final mission to save the world

Double diabolical déjà vu Batman! Superman is returned to the scene of the crime that is mission 4. Standing between you and world salvation....the demise of Lex Luthor's mercenaries along a scrolling corridor, in the inglorious final confrontation.

Superman contemplates his success (or failure in the game, as the case may be) in the icy, serene citadel that is the Fortress of Solitude.

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