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4-Get-It - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Enter any of the following for the password:

“OFFTIMER”_________________________________Turns timer off.

“KEEPTIME”__________________________________Turns timer on.

“SKIPBORD”____________Level skip, press ‘J’ to skip levels.

“KILLTILE”_____________Press ‘K’ to kill highlighted tiles.

“INFINITY”________________Press ‘R’ for additional retries.

“SHOWPASS”_________________Displays current level password.


“OVALTINE”___________Turns all of the above cheat modes on.

There are several sets of boards that can be loaded by typing the appropriate password.

LOADEASY - These boards are the easiest we have, they will also teach the basic concepts of 4-Get-It gameplay, as well as showing you how special tiles work.

LOADTHEM - The boards in this set are themed, using tiles of similar types and board designs that fit a given theme.  Some are easy, some are hard, you'll have to try them out yourself.

LOADALP  - These boards can be very tricky because they give you almost no time to think.  Lightning reflexes and mental processing are required to complete these.  (Sorry Nemesis you won't do well!)

LOADBM   - These are some of the hardest boards around, so hard that they were removed from the final game due to overwhelming frustration. Giant piles of tiles that must be carefully sorted through one at a time before the timer runs out.  Make one mistake and you have to start again.

LOADORIG - These are the original boards, type this password when you want to re-load the original game boards.  These are the ones auto-matically loaded in when you start the game.

LOADTRIK - All of these boards hinge on one or more tricks that you have to figure out.  They require clever use of special tiles and thinking in different directions.



001–—“WIMP” 026—“GUMBALL” 051-“PILETILE” 076-“BLOOMERS” 002—“GEARHED” 027—“OUTPOOL” 052—“GPHRGTS” 077—“BRKBRAC” 003—“BONEBOY” 028–“WIDGET” 053–“RESAFT” 078—“GRABOID” 004–“FREEZE” 029–“ASIWAS” 054—“EDDINGS” 079-“UNVMONST” 005-“LEVITATE” 030-“GREENBOY” 055—“BIRDFLY” 080-“SKULLCRK” 006-“BLUELITE” 031—“ICEDISK” 056-“LEMONWAL” 081-“LITEBULB” 007-“BABYHEAD” 032—“SHUFBUF” 057—“REGNUKE” 082–“BOMBAX” 008-“HOLDITIN” 033–“XYLENE” 058–-“USAGI” 083–—“EARL” 009—“FILLHOL” 034-“INVISTWG” 059–“BRGBEH” 084—“PENGFRZ” 010–“HERMAN” 035–“SHULTZ” 060-“FISHGOOP” 085-“BOBDOBBS” 011–“WOOKIE” 036–—“TMBG” 061–—“FROP” 086-“CRACKPOT” 012–—“GONE” 037—“NOWALLS” 062–-“ADDUP” 087-“SPROKBRN” 013–“SNARKO” 038—“RLFSNRT” 063–“CURSES” 088-“TOOTHPIK” 014—“LEADBAL” 039–“HOVCUB” 064-“SPAMRAIN” 089—“WRESPIG” 015-“HOGTOOTH” 040–-“ZOIDS” 065-“SLIMETOE” 090-“RUSTBALL” 016–“DORITO” 041—“SNOBOOT” 066–-“BRIAN” 091—“CENTBRK” 017—“WRITERS” 042-“GRAVITUP” 067-“YODELGHS” 092—“SEESPOT” 018—“BRIKBLD” 043–“SPYACC” 068—“DIGDOWN” 093—“DRAWTYP” 019-“MRBACKUP” 044–-“UNGAR” 069—“SNORKEL” 094-“DRIPFOOL” 020-“FISHPOPS” 045–“GOBACK” 070—“EYEBALL” 095—“KILLBUG” 021–“KABOOM” 046–“STUCCO” 071—“VAMPBLD” 096-“BOMBHOLE” 022-“TESTFALL” 047–—“PLOP” 072-“WILDCARD” 097-“GLOPDORK” 023-“FISHHEAD” 048-“ROBOWRLD” 073—“JUGMONK” 098–“AAARGH” 024—“CLIMBIT” 049—“CHAINGO” 074–—“LICH” 099—“NOTMUCH” 025–-“RANMA” 050–—“ANSI” 075—“WEBFLAP” 100––“DUH”

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