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Micro Machines
Micro Machines - Double Barrel Screenshot
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29 Game maps
Download one zip file with the 29 game maps : 

Race 0: Qualifier

Race 1: The Breakfast Bends

Race 2: Desktop Dropoff (and two player Sports Cars)

Race 3: Oilcan Alley (and two player Warriors)

Bonus Race: Rufftrux Timetrials

Race 4: Sandy Straights (and two player Turbo Wheels)

Race 5: Oatmeal in Over Drive (and two player Four by Four)

Race 6: The Cue Ball Circuit

Bonus Race: Rufftrux Timetrials

Race 7: Handyman's Curve

Race 8: Bermuda Bathtub

Race 9: Sahara Sandpit

Bonus Race: Rufftrux Timetrials

Race 10: The Potted Passage

Race 11: Fruit Juice Follies

Race 12: Foamy Fjords

Race 13: Bedroom Battlefield (and two player Tanks)

Race 14: Pitfall Pockets (and two player Formula One)

Race 15: Pencil Plateaux (and two player Pro Sports Cars)

Race 16: The Dare Devil Dunes

Race 17: The Shrubbery Twist

Race 18: Perilous Pit Stop

Race 19: Wide Awake War Zone

Race 20: Crayon Canyons

Race 21: Soap Lake City (and two player Power Boats)

Race 22: The Leafy Bends (and two player Choppers)

Race 23: Chalk Dust Chicane (and two player Pro Formula One)

Race 24: Go For It!

Race 25: Win this race to be champion

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