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Mortal Kombat II
Mortal Kombat II - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 14 reviews 1 manual Cheatcode 4 weblinks
17 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan 2 miscshots 8 conversions Gamemap
Year of the first release1994LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)3PublisherAcclaim - Worldwide
Number max of players2Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players2DeveloperProbe
ArtistsCoder : Dave Leitch (David Leitch)
Coder : Richard Costello
Graphician : Gary Liddon
Graphician : Jason Green
Graphician : Richard Costello
Graphician : Terry Ford
Musician : Allister Brimble (The Demon)
Musician : Anthony Putson
Misc : Bob Armour
Misc : Carl Muller
Misc : Gary Liddon
Misc : Nick Pelling (Orlando M. Pilchard)
Misc : Rob Northen (Northern)
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameno
Have cheatcodeyes
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2012-09-02 21:32:47
HD installnoHD notes
SubcategoryBeat-'em-up - Competitive
QuickmatchCoding - 68000 Assembly Language (68K ASM)
QuickmatchSupport - 2-Button Joystick
ScrolltypeScrolling - Horizontal
Conversion hardwareArcade
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade (Xbox/Xbox 360)
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo SNES (Super Famicom)
PC (Windows)
Sega 32X
Sega Game Gear
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Sega Saturn
Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation 2
Sony PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) (PS3/PS4/PS Vita/PSP)
Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Conversion notes

Based on 1993 Midway coin-op.
PC versions: VGA

Classic compilation
Relationshipis a sequel to Mortal Kombat
Page views: 9052 - Last update: 20th January 2021
Rarity: One version is common, at least one other version is rare One version is common, at least one other version is rareOne version is common, at least one other version is rare

[1] Written in 100% 68K assembly language. Coding by Richard Costello (Amiga 68K conversion) and David Leitch (68K conversion of the TMS34010 coin-op logic for Mega Drive/Amiga conversions).
Graphics by Jason Green (coin-op gfx conversion/retouching), Gary Liddon (sprite conversion), Terry Ford (background gfx) and Richard Costello (additional gfx); gfx compression/realtime decompression routines by Nick Pelling (Orlando).
Music arrangement by Anthony Putson; instrument samples optimisation and sound FX/driver by Allister Brimble.
Utilities coding support by Gary Liddon, Carl Muller and Bob Armour; floppy disk copy-protection and file compression by Rob Northen.

[2] Game features support for both one- and two-button joysticks.

TRIVIA: Sound engineer Allister Brimble explains the musician credits:

"I was contracted by Probe software to do the Mortal Kombat 2 audio. The original Arcade music was by Dan Forden and needed squashing down into 3 channels for the Amiga. My time was required to work on the SFX and another project, so the music arrangement work fell to Anthony Putson who I had received some demo's from and was very proficient at .MOD creation. After receiving the .MOD files back, I optimised the instrument samples by hand to get them a little smaller and plugged them into my sound driver."

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