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Myth: History In The Making
Myth: History In The Making - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Slowly type in 'SNUFFLECAKE' whilst playing or in pause mode for infinite lives.


To get past the dog in the chambers of annubis you must have the eye of horus from the pyramid level before; if you do not have this then the level cannot be completed. You must also have the ankh symbol, four jars and a headress from an egyptian monk (chambers of annubis). Go to the dog, duck under the ankh symbol on the wall and then select the ankh symbol - this will recharge your energy. Keep recharging your energy, then whilst your man is flashing colours select the eye of horus symbol and press fire.


- Hades Realm of the Damned

Kill the harpies to get some fireballs, but keep them for now. Alternatively, use them to kill the skeletons and collect more later. Eventually a skeleton will give you a sword, so use it to cut down the hanging skeleton up on the top right and follow it down to the edge of the ledge below.

Kill a skeleton near the edge so that its head falls into the fires of hell and the devil himself should appear. Run back to the left, jump onto the ledge above and wait for devil - chances are he'll appear on the ledge below and will rise into your line of fire when he's fired off the trident. When he does, hit him with a fireball or two. When he's dead, pick up the trident and store it. Run back up past where the hanging skeleton is hung and leap over onto the ledge next to the Chimera. Now just stand there and throw the trident at him. Keep going right; if you need energy go down the first gap / platforms, if not continue right over the next gap and you'll finish the level.

- Skyros Isle of the Sirens

The warriors aren't too hard to kill, but the Nymph is tricky. Watch her beckoning hand and move forwards slowly until she signals you to stop. Fingers crossed she'll give you extra energy! If she doesn't, fireball her or hit her with a sword (she turns into a winged beast if you get too near). Once past, go up to the Achilles statue and use the sword on its rear heel. The statue collapses and a shield is yours for the taking. Select the shield and the warriors kneel down, allowing you to go through to the Medusa's lair.

- Temple of Athenea

For this screen you need the shield ready and a fair dose of energy for the Hydra afterwards. Leap the gaps and use the shield to deflect Medusa's stony gaze. Select the sword, but DON'T ACTIVATE IT YET. Wait for the Medusa to stop and jump the gap with the shield ready. Swap to the sword in mid-jump and seperate her foul head from her even fouler body. Pick up the head and leap across towards the Hydra. Take out the top two Hydra's heads using the Medusa's head and fall down onto the ledge next to the last head. Stand on the far left of the ledge and keep firing. The Hydra goes up in smoke and you've conquered Ancient Greece!

- Maelstrom Gateway to the North

The flash of lightning is your only visual aid here as darkness descends on the Norse ship. Kill a viking to get an axe. Using this, kill the other vikings as quickly as possible; otherwise a lightning bolt will strike any slowcoaches. Once all the vikings are dead, the bird on the bow of the ship flies along. Kill it when it flies down and pick up the token it drops to be teleported to the next level.

- Forests of Midhogg

Now you're in the forest and the main problem is the mass of Golems stomping towards you. Kill them with the dagger, which can be obtained by slaying the small spiked creature. The daggers are great for killing Golems, but run out quickly enough.

Run along to the clearing where a lady is being burned at a stake. Pick up the firebrand and use it on the spirits - keep away from the edges or they'll zoom in and pick you up to drain your energy. When they've all gone the woman is safe, she'll drop a sword and replenish your energy.

Run right until you arrive at the dragon. Wait until its head is raised, run up to it and hack away at its neck until a chunk is taken out. Now run back and throw the daggers at the wound (you did remember to keep some daggers in reserve, didn't you?!). Now a plaform will lift you up to the next part.

- Asgard Domain of Odin

Now things get tricky as you leap from platform to platform, ever closer to Valhalla. Jump from the very edge of small gaps to get onto the next platform. If Thor appears near you, he'll swing his hammer 3 times - jump just before it strikes the ground, otherwise you'll be knocked off the platform.

Kill the fire-breathing baby dragons before they spit, and collect the daggers and energy they leave behind. When you get to the first of the two castle entrances, jump up onto the ledge above the drawbridge and throw a few daggers at the eye. Once done, jump down and kill the axe-throwing viking that emerges from the castle. Now go up, jumping on the platforms up to the left and then up to the right to reach the second castle entrance. Throw daggers at the eye, kill the viking here and Thor will take you through to Odin's Domain.

Keep moving to avoid Odin's bolts, kill the dragons on the floor and pick up the daggers. Thor will soon appear so keep throwing dagger at him. Eventually Odin will say 'Fight Mortal'. Leap up onto the left pedestal, then the middle one, throw daggers at him and Odin will now be on your side.

- The Valley of the Kings

This is a very tricky level with no mercy shown inside the pyramid. Use the sword to dispose of the snakes and run to the side of the pyramid, jumping onto the near-invisible platforms (either work them out yourself or look at the picture below).

    KEY                                  _____________
    ---                               __|            |
      @ = Door                     __|               |
    --- = Ledge                 __|    @b <--        |
      S = Start             ___|      ---       @c   |
    <-- = Head-dress    ___|           @a      ---   |
                      S |             ---      ---   |

Stand in front of door (a) to get let in. Work your way through past the axe, spike, the pressure-pad-activated spike, the pressure-plate-activated spinning axe, the two spikes and pick up the Eye of Horus. Run past the spikes just before they go into the ground and you should get past; any sooner or later and you're dead.

Go back out and up to door (c). Work your way past the spike, spinning axe, spike, axe, spike, axe, pressure-plate-activated spike, spike AND spinning axe to reach the door. Go through to the second corridor and go right (don't go left or you'll get killed). Avoid the axe, the three spikes, the pressure-plate- activated spinning axe, the spike, spike AND spinning axe, another pressure- plate-activated spike, two spikes and FINALLY you're at a door that will take you through to the inner sanctum. Now things are about to get tough!!!

- Chambers of Anubis

Kill the Egyptians and pick up the life symbol, use the life symbol and go to the blue life symbol on the wall. This will flash when you're in front, building up your energy. Go right, smash the large jar and pick up the jewel, which gives you an extra energy slot. Kill the Egyptians, keep going right and then up the plaforms. Kill the priest, pick up the cobra head-dress and use it. Keep going right, smash the large jar and pick up the first canopic jar.

Drop down into the bottom chamber and go left through the mummies, killing them with the cobra head-dress. Go to the end of the corridor, smash the two large jars and pick up the second and third canopic jars. Use the life symbol and stand in front of the blue life symbol on the wall if you need more energy. Go right through the first / second / third set of mummies, over the spikes, smash the large jar, and pick up the fourth canopic jar. Go back left over the spikes, through the mummies, then up and out the way you came in.

Go right, kill the priest, continue right until you see the life symbol on the wall and use the life symbol. Run in front of the life symbol, kneel down to dodge the Sphinx's bolts, equip the Eye of Horus, quickly stand, use the Eye of Horus and fire right at the Sphinx to produce a beam killing it. Pick up the urn object, which enables you to jump higher. Leap onto the high platform, up into the second upper room and out through the door.

- Tomb of the Pharoah

Put the canopic jars on the ledge in the right order. If you put a canopic jar in the wrong place the Pharoah head will fire energy at you. You then need to collect the jar from the bottom of the sarcophagus. The correct order is as follows:

bottom left = green top left = blue bottom right = red top right = yellow

Now go right, when the last door on the sarcophagus has shut, and you can enter the right-hand side of the room. Run up to the Pharoah head and wait a moment. The sarcophagus head will shoot a ball of energy at you, you'll spin in a ball of flame, then you can fly. It will then fire a beam of light at the Pharoah head bringing it to life. Shoot the Pharoah head in the eye several times to destroy it, but take care to dodge the small and large fireballs.

- Realm of Chaos

Now you meet for one last battle, but on this level you have no 'continue-plays' for this fight. Things are getting VERY nasty now. All you have to do is shoot anything that moves and pick up the energy balls. Once you've collected a lot of energy balls, you will be given special weapons (i.e. energy shield, fireball and 4-way).

- The Final Confrontation

To kill Dameron use the special weapons given to you. Shoot the skulls on his head, then shoot his eyes several times to blow him away forever. At long last! You've saved the Earth, its history and its Myths - now read the end of game message.

[Sources: Sidewinder/LSD; updated by DamienD, via post on EAB]

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