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Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Once the game has loaded and the high score table starts bouncing around the screen, type “HINGSEN” and then press Del. The high score table will now show “DEMO!!!” under the “TEN BEST SCORES” text.

Now type “-J.” (where the hyphen is on the numeric keypad and the full stop is on the main keyboard). Press Del again and the high score table will now show “MEGA DEMO”.

You can now use the function keys to select the ten events, or view the end sequence:


‘F1’ ______________________ 100 metres

‘F2’ _______________________ Long Jump

‘F3’ ________________________ Shot Put

‘F4’ _______________________ High Jump

‘F5’ ______________________ 400 metres

‘F6’ _______________ 110 meter Hurdles

‘F7’ __________________________ Discus

‘F8’ ______________________ Pole Vault

‘F9’ _________________________ Javelin

‘F10’ ____________________ 1500 metres

‘Space’ ____________ View end sequence

The next cheat requires an Action Replay cartridge or similar device. To automatically qualify for the next event no matter how badly you did, change the word at $103a4 from $6e18 to $6018.

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