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Kristal, The
Kristal, The - Double Barrel Screenshot
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FIGHTS - Proficent swordplay is essential if your to get anywhere in the game. The neck chop is one of the more effective blows, but the program blocks repetition of single moves. To get around this,

occassionaly switch to a differnt move in order to enable the neck chop once again. Give generously to the poor and you’ll be a step closer to obtaining the sword of the spheres.


THE PALACE - To enter the palace, you’ll need to get the invitation from the elusive Gloop, found in Novala. Once you have it, keep out of fights or you could lose it for good. When you get into the

palace, ask nedrod three questions and he will give you the talisman, which can help you find another useful item. Answer the princess’s question with {ITS A SECRET}. She will give you the ring of belz, which will only work in conjunction with the spell scroll.


IN GENERAL - Objects are not always found in the same places from game to game, so a detailed search of both fore and backgrounds is often in order. To survive the final confrontation, a high psychic rating is needed, which can be increased by donating skringles to the poor. Disorderly conduct can have the opposite effect. The

safest technique in the space battles, is to slow right down as soon as you see the aliens shoot them all, then power at full steam until the next lot. Follow readheads ship if you see it. Heatpro tablets are necessary if you beam down to one of the hotter planets. Makes notes of what you are told, and use any new names or subjects to

weavel out every last bit of information from the characters.

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