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Gloom - Double Barrel Screenshot
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When the title screen appears, press fire and you will go to the options screen. Select “ABOUT GLOOM” from the list of options and press the fire button. Now hold down the ‘HELP’ key and press fire on the joystick. The screen will flash purple to indicate the cheat is active.

Now start the game. The following keys are now available:

‘1’-‘5’ _____________ Select (and upgrade) all weapons ‘0’ __________________________________ Increase health ‘HELP’ ___________________________________ Skip levels

You can increase the strength of each weapon by pressing the number key up to 5 times.

On disk 2 of gloom in the dir ‘misc’ there is a file named ‘script’. Use an XPK decruncher or Crunchmania to decompress this file. Now load the file into a text editor and you will be able to edit the script to start at any level. Now save the script and recrunch it with Crunchmania or an XPK packer that supports Crunchmania. I used XFDcruncher/decruncher, which is available on Aminet.

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