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Gods - Double Barrel Screenshot
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On level two, buy a shield and a magic potion, then get three

fireballs and three stars. Spend all of your remaining money on food and health. Collect all the gems in the usual manner, then get a key and make for the exit. Now comes the tricky bit. When you descend the last ladder, two thieves will appear. Make sure that you donít quite have enough energy to survive a direct contact! Before going down the ladder, release your magic potion, then climbdown and open the door. Stand in front of the door ready to leave, but donít push up yet! Wait until the thieves jump down at you and as soon as they touch you push the joystick up. You may lose that life, but then

something rather strange will happen. The bonus will start to whiz up for quite some time, until the game starts again on world two with 28

extra men and about five million points!

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