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Eco Phantoms
Eco Phantoms - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 8 reviews Manual Cheatcode 3 weblinks
20 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan 1 miscshot Conversion Gamemap
Year of the first release1991LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)2PublisherElectronic Zoo - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisherTop Shots/TopShots (Softgold) - Germany
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperSplinter Vision
ArtistsCoder : Jeremy Sherlock
Coder : Rickey Costas (Ricky Costas)
Coder : Toby Simpson
Graphician : Alan Miles
Graphician : Jan Thwaites
Graphician : Michael Jary
Graphician : Steve Carpenter
Musician : Adam Pracey (Pracy; Ape/Impulse)
Musician : Roy Beer
Misc : Splinter Vision
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameunknown
Have cheatcodeyes
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2020-02-09 12:11:08
HD installnoHD notes
CategoryAction Adventure
SubcategoryAction Adventure - Uncategorised
ViewpointFirst Person
Conversion hardwareAtari ST/E
Conversion notes

PC versions: EGA, VGA

Classic compilation
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[1] Game design by Splinter Vision. Graphics by Michael Jary and Alan Miles with special FX by Jan Thwaites. Music by Adam Pracy and sound FX by Roy Beer.

[2] The original main coders were Rickey Costas and Toby Simpson. However, Costas left halfway through game development and was replaced by Jeremy Sherlock. Sherlock was quite unimpressed with Costas' unfinished code and apparently rewrote much of it. Sherlock was so riled by the situation that he left Costas out of the coding credits and wrote the following message about him inside a file contained on disk 1 of the game:

'It must be said that Richard Costas was the original programmer along with Toby, on this project, but because Ricky walked out, and I took over from him, rewriting a lot of his shit and badly written, unproffesional and ridiculously long winded code, and the fact that this was only half finished, I have decided not to include this fat git in the credits for this game, signed Jez. I will credit Richard Costas with the blame for a lot of hassle, stress, late nights and my hatred for the twat!'

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