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Eye Of The Beholder II: The Legend Of Darkmoon
also known as Eye Of The Beholder II: Legende Von Darkmoon
Eye Of The Beholder II: The Legend Of Darkmoon - Double Barrel Screenshot
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1. Load the game as normal and select “CREATE NEW PARTY”. When the

empty boxes appear, click on the top left box, then select race,

class, alignment and portrait. Now go to the modify box and

boost all the statistics in this order: STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE,


you can click on strength and boost it to maximum, regardless of

limitation put on the race or class of the character, so from

now on, for example, you can have a super-hard wizard with a

strength of 18/99.

2. At the character generation screen, always increase all stats

that you can (that includes hit points) to as high as they will


3. If you want a mage, cleric or paladin to use a two handed

weapon as well as magic, then do the following. Put the weapon

down on the ground, and their spellbook or magic symbol in their

second hand. Click the right mouse button on this for a list of

spells to appear. Pick up the two handed weapon and place it in

the characters primary hand. As the list of spells is still up,

they can now cast spells and use a two handed weapon at the same

time. You will have to repeat this process after using the

compass etc.

On the wasp level, stand on the spot where the two rooms join (the room to the south which has a crack in the wall - the hornet’s nest) and rest. This should generate four wasps which can be killed easily to gain experience points.

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