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Cannon Fodder - Sprite screenshot Cannon Fodder  
Cannon Fodder - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Go to the save game option, then the game requests a name type “JOOLS”. Cheat mode active will flash at the bottom of the screen and the ranks and abilities of your men will have increased.



1. In Choppas, land on the enemy to kill them, safer than landing

and getting out.

2. I missions in which you have control of a lot of troopers

seperate the lowest ranking trooper from the rest and give him

all the weapons, make sure the rest are safe, then attempt the

mission with one trooper. If the trooper dies just press

‘ESC’. This saves a lot of troopers later, such as in mission

18 phase 5 of 5 - The Door.

3. Troopers are able to throw grenades quite along way and over

walls, trees, and buildings. Use this to your advantage to

protect against Biggunz and Jeeps. To throw a grenade a long

way, simply position the pointer further than needed.

4. Buildings can be destroyed even if you can’t see them. For

instance, if a trooper is in Biggun and there is a building

slightly off the edge of the screen, roughly aim at the

building making sure the pointer is at the very edge of the

screen and fire.

5. Learn to control Jeeps and Skidooz early on (how to skid

them). In later levels you may need good control to hit ramps

at correct angles otherwise you can blow up if you hit walls.

This is also useful to get away from shells, rockets, and


6. An effective way of destroying snipers is to just run straight

towards them and shoot you guns. Don’t waste grenades on them

unless it is necessary.

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