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Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment - Double Barrel Screenshot
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CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (Official Hints, Cheats & Players Guide) were supplied by clickBOOM and are available for download HERE.

[Source: clickBOOM (old website) courtesy of the Internet Archive]



  • "Up and left" , "Up and right" , "Down and left" , "Down and right" describe diagonal move of the joystick.
  • "Fire + direction" means you should hold fire and then move your controller in direction described.
  • If you are facing right "fire + forward and down" means "hold fire, then move joystick diagonally down-right".


  1. Don't forget to set difficulty to "normal" in Epic mode. "Practice" mode ends after 3 levels.
  2. Every move of every warrior in CP takes a different amount of energy. Hit in the head takes most of the energy, in the stomach less, while hit in the legs hurts the least.
  3. Hit in the legs does not take any stamina away.
  4. Block stops energy from being taken away, but not the stamina.
  5. Always watch yours and enemies stamina. If his head stamina is low, aim for the head, so he'd be in fatigue. Then hit him in the stomach to inflict damage there, and possibly fall into stomach fatigue right after.
  6. Every hit is 50% stronger when the enemy is in the air.
  7. Every hit is two times stronger when your enemy is in fatigue.
  8. The strongest hit is uppercut. You should use it on fatigued opponents as often as possible. Whenever your enemy is on the ground kick him as many times as possible (to the head preferably) to take even more of his energy. Use "Fire + forward and down" or "Down + forward and down". But, if you really want to hurt enemy on the ground, choose Corben and do the rolling special! (see specials and combos).
  9. When your enemy gets up from the ground he is invincible for a brief moment. Therefore, stay back! The same applies to the enemies coming down from the electricity. If you are the one getting up, and you enemy is waiting for you, use uppercut, and send him flying.
  10. While enemy is in the air ANY hit will throw him to the ground.
  11. DO NOT jump with your back against a trap, because any hit from the opponent will send you right on it.


  1. Choose any warrior.
  2. Press fire three times (you don't have to do it fast. It just has to be three times without moving your warrior).
  3. Specials and combos are now set and you just have to choose one of the four directions (up, down, left or right) to accomplish them.
  • Example - Corben's rolling combo is three times fire + down.
  • Sarmon's and Corben's triple combos inflict a lot of damage if you hit the enemy while he is in the corner.
  • Sarmon's triple high kick is very useful as a defense against enemies who like to jump. Turn it on (three times fire), and wait for the enemy to jump, then press up. This will surely bounce them back to where they came from.


  1. Your opponent has just hit you, and you are flying through the air.
  2. Press fire 5 (five) or more times while in the air.
  3. Your warrior will get up and be in a fatigue.
  4. Your opponent will be walking towards you to hit you with an uppercut knowing you are defenseless..
  5. But, since it's a fake fatigue you can get out of it at any time!
  6. This technique is mainly being used in 2-player fights.
  • Don't tell your friend about fake fatigue, and you will secure yourself lots of wins.
  • Of course, don't overdo it or he will notice something strange.
  • Tap fire silently so he can't figure out what you are doing.


How would you like to have your favorite warrior to be twice as strong and durable? Sounds good? Here's what you have to do:

When at the warrior selection screen before the fight, press slowly one of the combinations:

 up, down, up, up, up, down (Corben Wedge)
down, down, down, down, down, down (Wakantanka)
 up, down, down, up, up, up  (Sarmon)
down, up, up, up, down, down (Demona)


There is also a cheat to use Ninja who is otherwise only available as a computer controlled warrior:

up, down, up, down, down, up (Ninja)


  1. In factory, if you are player two (on the right), as soon as the fight starts, press uppercut to deploy any "early jumper" immediately on the meat hook.
  2. Get a joystick with auto fire. Now, whenever you are in a fatigue, switch to auto fire, and you will be instantaneously out of it.
  3. In timed fights, the winner is the warrior with more energy after the time runs out. Therefore, if you have more energy towards the end of time limit, start blocking hits - it will take your stamina, but not your energy.
  4. If you are very precise you can throw your enemy to death by carefully positioning yourself, then grabbing and throwing him (forward and down) as soon as he gets up.
  5. If warriors have not turned face to face, you can use Corben's, Sarmon's or Demona's backflip (back and up) to hit the enemy from behind.
  6. Demona's and Corben's fast low kicks can be used when enemy is in the corner. He can't get away, and he won't fall into fatigue since leg hit doesn't take away the stamina.
  7. In all modes other than Epic, you can only choose levels you reached to while playing in Epic. You can avoid this by installing CP level cheat file. It will allow you to choose among six levels. You can download it from our web site at www.clickboom.com or any Aminet site.


Weakest and most fragile. But, this is more than compensated by her long whip. It has three functions:

  1. Short whip (fire + back and up) to keep enemies at a safe distance. Not so poweful.
  2. Long whip (fire + up) will hit when enemy is close.
  3. When enemy is further away, this same move will get the whip around his neck and bring him over for a fast uppercut or similar. Be careful, though, enemy that close can be dangerous if you don't combine moves well.

Demona has a fast low kick (fire + down and forward) as well as heel kick (fire + forward and up).

Great all-around fighter. Once you perfect his rolling (three times fire and down) and triple combos (three times and up) he becomes lethal. Always use the rolling combo when the enemy is on the ground. His backflip (up and backwards) can be used to avoid any dangerous situations, but it can also serve as a hit if the enemy is very close.

Fastest fighter with a great jump kick (up and forward, then fire) and flying high kick (fire and back). Use a deadly combination of flying high kick, then direct in the nose (fire and up).

Slowest, but most powerful. Deadly triple head cruncher combo (three times fire and up). Surprisingly fast running buffalo combo (three times fire and back). Wakantanka can be used for defensive fighting by using jump + fire to defend teritory, or mid hit (fire and forward). Dangerous is also the elbow (fire + back and up) mid hit (fire and forward) combination.

Sword is deadly and fast (fire + up), especially in the corner. For the jumping or approaching enemies use rotational jump (fire + back).


Six contestants, each having five fights. This may take some time with 4 players, but usually shows who the player is. Tactics depend on scene and enemy.


This is great fun for 1-4 players, as it is fast and unpredictable. As with League, there are no special tactics, it all depends on who you are fighting and where.



First alien is tough, no doubt about that.

1. If you choose Demona:

  • use the whip (fire + up or fire + up and back) to keep that long-legged monster at a safe distance.
  • The best trick is to get the alien in the corner, but that might require some practice.
  • The safest way would be to move away when alien jumps, and then use the whip before he lands.

2. With Corben Wedge you may do the same as (c) with Demona, except you would:

  • use a mid-kick after pulling back (fire + forward)
  • use a jump forward and kick (up and forward + fire). This jump-kick you can repeat twice or maybe three times if you are lucky. So, do it twice, and then do a fast mid-kick, and then jump back (up and back) to safety.

Sarmon and Wakantanka are a bit weaker against the alien.

Whenever alien falls on the ground kick him a couple of times, then jump back.


Demona is the defender of the Temple (unless you choose her at the menu, in which case Wakantanka is here).

Demona has a long whip, and also likes to use the flip-forward special a lot. Keep her at a distance, and whenever she jumps, and is about to land, jump forward with kick.

She is also the weakest warrior, so it shouldn't be too hard to get her in the fatigue.

The trap on this level is the statue on the right. It holds a trident. Unlike spikes in Sewers, it requires precision to put Demona on this trap.


Here you will face the evil soul of warriors. This level is quite tricky, as it always requires you to fight against the same warrior. Furthermore, you won't be controlling your "favorite", but the one you just defeated. However, you can't lose a "life" here, only the last warrior.


Nest is the breaking point of Capital Punishment. If you master this level, you are sure to soon proceed all the way to the Qwesul. This second alien is a wild, fast and powerful enemy.

Your best bet here is Demona. If you didn't choose her in the beginning, make sure you free her at the Teacher's, otherwise you will need to be the CP master to finish this level. Only a few players can take on alien without Demona.

With Demona use the fast whipping hit (fire + back and up). Get alien in the corner and just repeat this frantically. It may be unfair, but it works.

Don't try to use the "come here" move (fire + up), as it will bring the crazy alien close, and he will hit you with his powerful feet.

Be careful of his fatigue. It can sometimes be very short, so he can be back in action and catch you off guard while approaching and trying to hit him.


This is a one-screen level. It is difficult if your preferred tactics is to keep the enemy away at all cost. Sarmon awaits you here, and he is the fastest warrior, so you will have to master close combat, or use Demona's whip.

This level also hides a secret level, which is the room to the right. You enter it after uppercuting the enemy from a certain distance to the right.


There are no deadly traps here, just electricity on both sides. Corben Wedge awaits you here, and you should use either Wakantanka or Sarmon against him. His favorite move is rolling kick and triple kick-combo.

His rolling kick seems too fast and unstoppable, but notice that he does it from a certain distance. Once you realize what that distance is, you can use his rolling kick to your own advantage. Keep him at that distance, and be ready for a low kick (fire + forward and down) or to move back. As soon as he starts rolling kick him, or if you pulled back wait until he approaches, than kick him.

When you put him on the electricity move back, he will be briefly invincible when he comes down. Also, he likes doing the rolling combo right after, so stand back and wait for another chance.


Ninja's room is the last before the final battle with Qwesul. Ninja is fast and strong, but can be stopped by:

  1. High-kick while he is doing his favorite rotational jump.
  2. Jumping and kicking before he reaches the ground.

Don't try to fight him in the air, and especially be careful, not to end up in the corner, as he will draw his sword.


You are now at the top of the castle where Qwesul is waiting for you. If you expected a regular fight here, you are in for a surprise - Qwesul has the power to morph into animals and objects!

  • Bat - use high kicks to push him back.
  • Puma - mid kick.
  • Rolling spike ball - get back or jump over it.
  • Snake - get back or use mid kick.
  • Cape - mid kick.

When he disappears into the ground, he usually appears right behind you, so be careful.

Naturally, your best bet here is to come with all four warriors, and hope to take some of his energy in the first one or two fights.

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