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Chaos Engine, The
Chaos Engine, The - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Code: Players: World: Cash:


HHGGFFDDCCBB Thug, Preacher 1 50000

LQPBK8JWDNBY Thug, Preacher 2 40000

8H8BKOSWQY7H Thug, Preacher 3 30000

P28BKM6XMWWK Thug, Preacher 4 30000

JJHHGGFFDDCC Navvie, Brigand 1 10000

VVVVVVVVVVVV Brigand, Mercenary 1 30000

PKJKDL1#DFD4 Brigand, Mercenary 4 20000

XXXXXXXXXXXX Gentleman, Navvie 1 30000

YYYYYYYYYYYY Thug, Gentleman 1 20000

TTTTTTTTTTTT Mercenary, Gentleman 1 45000





Shoot node1, pick up silver key, this opens the trees. Go right then down then ALL the way right, you should find a small room and a gold key; pick it up to open secret door below. Only 1 exit.



Shoot first node, pick SILVER KEY1, a bridge appears on rock platform. Follow bridge and pickup GOLD KEY1 at the bottom/left edge of the rock platform. Another bridge appears, go up and pick up GOLD KEY2. Go down platform, go to the right (dont go up the first bridge you find). Once all the way right, go up, pickup GOLD KEY3 and dont pick up SILVER KEY2 yet; go right instead to secret room. Go back and pick SILVER KEY2, opening yet another bridge. Follow bridge, you may pick GOLD KEY4 in middle of waters if you wish. Once you reach the nodes, shoot 1nd one, go up toward exit, pick up GOLD KEY5 to the right, go down newly formed stairs and shoot node3, exit.



Go down and pick GOLD KEY1 behind small rockface to create stairs further down the road. Go up (right/up or back and then up/r/up). When you reach the circle with the dynamite, bugs will appear, use dynamite then; pickup GOLD RING that appeared. Go up rock ring, pickup GOLD KEY3, blast monsters below, go down again. Shoot SILVER PILLAR, go up, shoot node1, go up/right, pickup GOLD KEY4 and shoot node2. Go left until you reach a room (down) containing SILVER KEY2. pick it up to open room to the right (backstep) with node3 and SILVER KEY3. Dont pick SILVER KEY3 yet, shoot node3. SILVER KEY4 appears below you, pick it up and go back to room where you found SILVER KEY3. A new passage to the right should be open, go there and pickup GOLD KEY5, another passage will open to the far left, going down to a row of pillars. Go there, shoot ALL pillar, some will leave stuff. Go all the way down and pickup GOLD KEY6. Then go back UP and pickup SILVER KEY5. Go right and pickup GOLD RING. Find node4, shoot it and follow the new passage to GOLD KEY6. Pickup GOLD KEY6, and you can now exit from A or B.



Id need to draw a map for this one! But, when you reach the end of this level, you need to shoot one of 2 pillars to progress. Shoot the one to the right, thisll open up stairs behind you to reach the secret cavity below


Play the game until you come to the first world, on the fourth level and pick up the party power up icon. This will last for five seconds. Before the countdown has expired you must double back to the entrance in the forest, at which point you will be awarded with unlimited everything.

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