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Curse Of The Azure Bonds
Curse Of The Azure Bonds - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Once you find any item you can make as many copies of it as you want.

1. Create a dummy character. 2. Load a saved game and transfer all the good items to the dummy. 3. Remove the dummy character from the party. 4. Load the dummy character back in. 5. Transfer the items to other members. 6. Drop the dummy character from the party. 7. Repeat steps 4-6 as many times as needed.

This also works for Champions of Krynn and Pool of Radiance.

In case anyone was wondering, The `Wizard in Red’ refers to Dracandros. He is the owner of the Crescent Moon bond. The `Woman in Green’ refers to the leader of the Cultists of Moander. They, of course, are the owners of the Mouth in the Hand bond, which is the symbol of the God Moander. The `Lord of the Black’ refers to the leader of the Zhentrim, or `Black Network’, an evil alliance of priests, mages and thieves that operate out of Zhentil Keep. They own the big `Z’ in the Triangle bond. Lastly, `The Flamed One’ is, of course, good old Tyranthraxus. He owns the Flaming Bond, which is the Symbol of Tyranthraxus.

To defeat Tyranthraxus, you must gather the Amulet of Lathander, which is in Zhentil Keep, the Helm of Dragons, which is currently being kept by Dracandros in his castle near Haptooth, and the Gauntlet of Moander, which is kept by Mogion (the Woman in Green!) in Yulash. You must take these items to the Pool of Radiance.

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