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Deuteros: The Next Millennium
Deuteros: The Next Millennium - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Build five factories - no more - and make sure they’re well-placed so you’re getting palladium and platinum from at least one of them. Then stick the auto advance on, turn off the monitor and come back in the morning. Stocks of both should be right up into the tens of thousands of tonnes. Once the war starts, all five factories can produce battle giants straight away.

During play, press ‘CAPS LOCK’ and then press the ‘C’ key twice. The background should turn red with the first press and then back to normal with the second to show that the cheat is on. You’ll have to put up with co-ordinates, but you’ll find from then on that while that’s engaged you will always have one of everything in stock everywhere always. Building factories while the cheat mode is on, though not the Earth factory, will mean it takes one orbital factory section to build a complete factory and a resource station will automatically be built as well.

To turn the cheat off (it can become a pain) press ‘CAPS LOCK’ again and press the ‘C’ key twice once again (the background will change to green with the first press).

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