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Dojo Dan
alias Woo-Lan Kid, The [Prerelease name]
Dojo Dan - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 12 reviews 1 manual Cheatcode 4 weblinks
24 screenshots 2 boxscans 1 diskscan 2 miscshots Conversion 34 gamemaps
34 Game maps
Download one zip file with the 34 game maps : 

L1.1 (Oakley)

L1.1 (Oakley) bonus

L1.2 (Volcania)

L1.2 (Volcania) bonus

L1.3 (Botony)

L1.3 (Botony) bonus

L1.4 (Abodia)

L1.4 (Abodia) bonus

L2.1 (Deltoid)

L2.1 (Deltoid) bonus 1

L2.1 (Deltoid) bonus 2

L2.2 (Slipstream)

L2.3 (Topaz)

L2.4 (Zybex)

L2.4 (Zybex) bonus 1

L2.4 (Zybex) bonus 2

L3.1 (Danglevine)

L3.2 (Barkus)

L3.2 (Barkus) bonus

L3.3 (Swampsville)

L3.4 (Skyline)

L4.1 (Petal)

L4.1 (Petal) bonus

L4.2 (Subzero)

L4.2 (Subzero) bonus

L4.3 (Freefall)

L4.3 (Freefall) bonus

L4.4 (Moonscape)

L5.1 (Castle entrance)

L5.1 (Castle entrance) bonus

L5.2 (Danger hall)

L5.3 (Castle tower)

L5.4 (Final fight)

Mini map

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