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Za Żelazną Bramą
also known as Behind The Iron Gate
Za Żelazną Bramą - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information Review 1 manual Cheatcode 3 weblinks
16 screenshots 2 boxscans 2 diskscans Miscshot Conversion Gamemap

During play type any of the following:


“DAWAJ MI PLANSZE”_________To skip levels.

“PRYSZCZ CI W OKO”_______For invicibility.

“LENINJESTWIECZNY”______Top of life meter.

“ILE WOLNEGO RAMU”_______________Not sure.

“TRYBUS SPECJALUS”_______________Not sure.

If you type the last one in and the screen turns to garbage press ‘RETURN’ to get the screen back and use the function keys while the screen is screwed up to alter the screen (sort of like the ‘m’ and ‘n’ keys of the Action Replay freezer).

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