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Dungeons Of Avalon II: The Island Of Darkness
Dungeons Of Avalon II: The Island Of Darkness - Double Barrel Screenshot
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1. Go to the adventures guild, and load in one of the characters

given at the start (let’s say you chose amber).

2. Create five new characters, of any race or type. Make sure that

all five people have at least 130 gold pieces.

3. Go to the weapon shop, and pool all the gold, giving it to


4. Go back to the adventurers guild and remove all players but


5. Now load in the other five characters that are pre-made at the

start of the game. You can now start your quest with somewhere

in the region of 1000 gold pieces - unless you kit everyone up

at the weapon store, train, etc. You can repeat this as many

times as you want each go, giving you in effect infinite money.

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