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Wingnuts - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 2 reviews Manual Cheatcode 1 weblink
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Year of the first release1998LicenseShareware
Number of disks (or CD)3Publisher
Number max of players4Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players4DeveloperSkunkworks, The
ArtistsCoder : Paul Glover
Graphician : Colin Philpott
Graphician : Evan Pitman
Misc : Colin Philpott
Language in manual
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes- HD installer is contained on disk 1.
- Approx. 2.5Mb HD space is required.
SubcategoryShooter - Uncategorised
Dimension3D (Filled)
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilation
Page views: 1950 - Last update: 18th March 2009
Rarity: Common as mud Common as mud
Notes:   [1] Game designed by Colin Philpott.

[2] Game requires an A1200/4000 with 2Mb chipram (fastram and HD recommended), and supports a 4-player mode that requires a null-modem cable (2 players per computer).

[3] Reportedly, slowdowns in the game may be experienced on Amigas with 060 accelerators. Bugreports were sent to the developers, but they weren't able to resolve the bug.

[4] Despite being developed with a view to commercial release, The Skunkworks released the game as uncrippled shareware after a stressful 18 months of coding because they wanted it to reach as wide an audience as possible. Nevertheless, some magazines appeared to review the game as a commercial title [e.g. Amiga Format 108 (Mar 98, pp40-41), CU Amiga (Apr 98, p47)].

[5] WINGNUTS (HD version) may be freely downloaded from Ami Sector One and Aminet (dir: /game/actio/Wingnuts).

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