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DeLuxe Galaga
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If you die during a warp malfunction, the game skips the tax-free shop and the next level. You can use this to your advantage in the harder levels, especially in the Big Trouble stages. So make sure you have plenty of lives left. When you get to the level you want to skip, especially Big Trouble, just pray for a warp malfunction! If you get a warp malfunction, just kill yourself once. (It’s a good idea not to do this until there’s only one alien left on the screen).



1. It is generally not a good idea to spend any credits until you

have 500. When you get 500 credits, buy the Super Weapon.

2. If you hold down the fire button (make sure to disable autofire

if you have it on) from the moment you grab the Meteor Storm

icon right up to the end of the Meteor Storm, you will get the

secret $5000 bonus (This only works in version 2.4 and possibly

the upcoming 2.5).

3. On Version 2.4, it is not a good idea to buy the $3000 weapon

until you’re in levels 51-75.

4. The weapons that cost $750 and higher are generally not very

handy unless you have autofire (Ver 2.4). If you do have

autofire and have one of these weapons, what you have is an

incredibly nasty weapon!

5. You can also “cheat” by using a hex editor and editing the main

program. Just find the part of the code that lists all the

prices in the tax-free shop (make sure they are not part of the

menu, if you modify the menu in any way the game won’t run!)

and change the numbers to whatever you want. This way, you can

make everything cost nothing if you want! However, you’ll

still need $50 to enter the shop, and $400 for continues (or

$200, in version 2.3).



    One of the biggest draws to this game are the many secrets and
    mysteries that surround the game. From hidden weaponry powerups to
    special bonuses from nowhere this game has it all. /WARNING: Reading
    these secrets and learning the strategies might ruin some of the
    game for you. Don't blame me if you read on./


    There are many strategies that will improve your end score - and
    will certainly help you have a more fun game. This area will grow
    over time as I get around to putting more strategies.

    Strategy 1 - Ship Movement and Location

    On earlier levels the far right or left hand side of the screen are
    fairly safe places to hang out when aliens are coming onto the
    screen (especially until you learn their habits). It is tempting to
    use the edges as safety zones during game play - but remember that
    the 'big' sub-boss aliens on various levels specialize in lateral
    shots and they aim specifically for the corners. They also
    'track-shoot' (i.e. they aim ahead of your current pattern) so keep
    moving back and forth to throw them off.

    Strategy 2 - Firepower

    When deciding on firepower, consider a few things.

    Overall, DOUBLE SHOT is probably the most useful when you don't have
    the cash to buy the SUPER WEAPON or better. DOUBLE SHOT is fast and
    you can have a LOT of them on the screen (with EXTRA BULLET
    options). You can also get a nice even spread with it - especially
    with AUTO-FIRE bonus. It is also easier to target your enemy (great
    for taking out the HURRY UP ship).

    TRIPLE and QUAD SHOT have great spreads, but they fire too slow for
    anything really practical. These weapons are, however, most useful
    in the WARP MALFUNCTION levels.

    Of the 'upscale weapons' - FIREBALLS are the most bang for the buck.
    Since you can't 'catch' one of these, you'll have to buy it. It
    ain't cheap, but it is cheaper than most and gives great firepower.

    Remember, when it comes to EXTRA BULLETs, one or two levels can make
    a great difference. Know where your favorite weapon 'peaks out' and
    keep mental track of its current 'level' of EXTRA BULLET while playing.

    Adding AUTO-FIRE to a maxed out weapon makes you quite powerful.

    Strategy 3 - Maximum Points and Cash

    There are many ways to increase your score and financial portfolio.
    A few things you might NOT realize are ...

    First, gems are worth points. Sometimes a LOT of points. Don't
    dismiss the idea of wasting the whole alien fleet with a GEM BOMB -
    those gems really add up.

    While it is easy to dismiss a RANK MARKER that you already have,
    grabbing it will give you points in leiu of the rank stripe.

    A great deal of points (money too) can be made in the METEOR STORM -
    so NEVER pass up a free ride (you can't die in the storm so it is a
    win-win scenario). If you make it through the storm, prepare for
    serious rewards.

    The MEMORY STATION can also be instrumental in your success - know
    what you want when you go into it (I always look for an EXTRA LIFE).

    Enemies you would rather avoid (like the THIEF SHIP and the LASER
    SHIP) can be worth big points if you take them down. Other 'secret'
    ships (like the MONEY SHIP - buy GAME SECRETS to learn about him)
    can offer you TONS of cash.

    Keep your eye out for the BONUS MULTIPLIERS (x2 and x5). They can
    really change things.

    Lastly, there are BIG points to be made on the KAMAKAZE LEVELs.
    While it might be easier to simply avoid the baddies and take a
    'passive' role during these deadly stages, by wiping out each full
    wave in turn gives you a supreme point value (which doubles for each
    set you destroy). The point value for a 'completely killed' wave is
    displayed briefly. Wipe out full waves during the kamakaze attacks
    and see how many points they are worth collectively! You can do the
    same thing with the individual levels, if you are powerful enough to
    destroy the whole wave as they come in.

    Strategy 4 - Playing the Mini-Games

    There are two mini-games within Deluxe Galaga. Both are engaged by
    catching a bonus dropped by a dead alien. The games are METEOR STORM

    METEOR STORM is a very basic 'dodge the rocks' and stay alive until
    you make it all the way through (progress is shown on the little
    radar on the right). Naturally, the further you make it, the harder
    it gets (faster, more rocks, etc). You are racking up points the
    whole time you are in the mini-game. Catch *rocks* with numbers on
    them and get points. Catch *boxes* with numbers on them and get
    money. Get hit by anything else, and you're done (you do not die -
    just continue in the regular game). To my knowledge, there is no
    'safe' place to hang out. But I can tell you some tricks to make it

        Unless you have about a level 2 EXTRA SPEED, forget about being
        able to make it through the whole storm. I just don't think it
        is physically possible.

        Going through together with a buddy will also lower your chances
        of success (seems easier with one person). Here is the best tip:
        use your fire button to accelerate through the storm (if two
        people are going through at the same time, BOTH fire buttons
        have to be pressed at the same time. I know what you are
        thinking: "WHY!!??" During the first 1/3 or so of the storm,
        there are very few meteors to dodge. Acceleration will get you
        through FASTER. It also gets your reflexes ready for later on in
        the storm when things really DO move fast. Try it - you'll agree
        with me.

        Try throttling your speed up and down (to catch the goodies).

    The MEMORY STATION is your simple timed version of Concentration -
    uncovering boxes 2 at a time to try and find a match.

    Goodies you can win in this game are: money, points, E-X-T-R-A
    letters, an EXTRA LIFE, xC (which is a free credit to let you
    'continue game' another time), BONUS MULTIPLIERS (x2, x5), RANK
    MARKERs, EXTRA TIME (adds a few seconds onto your evolution), and
    the dreaded Skull and Crossbones that will immediately end your
    MEMORY STATION experience.

    This is mostly a game of chance, folks. There isn't much strategy
    behind the original Concentration either. What I will tell you is this.

    Know what you want before you go in.

    If you want an EXTRA LIFE (always my goal - and happens to be
    possible about 25% of the time) then start the mini-game looking for
    it. Uncover as many boxes as possible. You'll have time to get to
    them all - so score what you want, don't just 'go for matches'
    because half the time the matches are RANK MARKERs, E-X-T-R-A
    letters, or things you nay not really need (if you do, knowing what
    you want is key to success).

    As a secondary, I go for cash (the green numbered goodies). Anything
    else I get out of it is a benny. If there is a Skull and Crossbones,
    chances are you are gonna get it anyway - so no use tiptoeing around.

    Strategy 5 - Level Preparation

    Just like with the original Galaga, you should think ahead to
    different levels. In the original Galaga, you would always want to
    make sure you had two ships before hitting the 'challenging stage'.
    With Deluxe Galaga, there are several levels you should 'prepare' for.

    The KAMAKAZE LEVEL is probably the most useful to be prepared on
    (see FIREPOWER above for more).

    Other levels include the 'big boss'es (you can't have enough lives
    or firepower for those levels - a few levels of SHIP ARMOUR doesn't
    hurt either), the BONUS LEVEL (similar in may ways to the
    'challenging level' of the original Galaga - have at least a DOUBLE
    SHOT with some EXTRA BULLETs).

    Lastly, know when you are going to go through a WARP. WARPing
    happens just prior to entering the shop where you can spend your
    dough. It is always nice to have some bucks to spend, but
    unfortunately you don't always have control over this.

    Next, prepare yourself for a WARP MALFUNCTION.

        These seemingly random events will hurdle your ship out of WARP
        and into a 'nothing but sub-bosses' level where death is easy to
        come by - since they all shoot laterally.

        Various types of aliens appear on these levels (all of them are
        the same each instance, though) and it various as to how many
        there are.

        Like the sub-bosses of the regular levels, dealing a death blow
        to these aliens will always render you a RANK MARKER - although
        it should be noted that more times than not, it is one you
        already have. You get a lot of points in the WARP MALFUNCTION
        levels though.

        I haven't figured out a way to trigger one while WARPing, but I
        am sure there is a way.

        You return to the WARP after killing them all, and you can have
        multiple WARP MALFUNCTIONs (we've seen 4 in a row as the
        maximum). Downright gruesome.

    The last thing about level preparation is knowing where the aliens
    will enter the screen from. This makes good sense and seems like a
    rhetorical strategy, but when you reach higher levels, you will BEG
    to know where they are gonna come out from.

    Strategy 6 - The Deadly (Random?) Alien Ships

    There are at least three ships that seemingly appear randomly during
    the game - the HURRY UP ship, the LAZER SHIP, and the ever-dreaded
    THIEF SHIP (which can actually be disabled in configuration).

    The HURRY UP ship isn't really random - he appears when you take too
    long to finish a level.

        He randomly drops 'semi-guided' rockets down on the players
        which are naturally deadly to the touch. Fortunately, he simply
        passes over the top of the screen and vanishes (always to come
        back, even if destroyed).

        Destroying the HURRY UP SHIP drops a RANK MARKER (a good thing -
        as you'll learn later) and lowers the level of rockets that fly
        down at you.

        While some folks say you can destroy the rockets by shooting
        them, I simply don't find that true. The best (and really only
        way) to save your own ass is to position yourself RIGHT in their
        path until they get close to you, then quickly move to one side
        or the other. The rocket will normally fly past you (out of
        sight, but still there - so get clear) and go into a dead loop
        pattern and blow up. There are times when there is NOTHING you
        can do about it - just suck it up - but you will learn how to
        play the rockets off as often as possible.

    The LAZER SHIP is a random ship that comes out from time to time and
    shoots a hardcore laser beam at the players.

        The beam is big, fast, and deadly. While I seem to recall
        killing him at one time, I haven't been able to prove to myself
        that I can, so take that under advisement.

    The THIEF SHIP is the nemesis of the game. Sometime at random, this
    goon will fly onto the screen and suck all your money from your ship
    (the effect is cool anyway).

        He'll give you some chances to blast him (and I imagine he has
        some good cash on him) - but like the LAZER SHIP, I have been
        unable to whack him (unloading QUAD SHOT continuously wasn't
        enough) but maybe with a good weapon you can kill him.

        The LAZER SHIP you can dodge, the THIEF SHIP you cannot avoid.

    Finally, there is a MONEY SHIP in the game.

        It is very difficult to get to, hard to kill, but will rain
        riches down on you from the heavens when you kill it.

        There is a way to make the MONEY SHIP come, but I won't tell you
        how to do it, but you can buy GAME SECRETS to tell you (or cheat
        and look at the area below the Strategies - all the GAME SECRETS
        are available on this site).

    Strategy 7 - The Miscellaneous Stuff

    RANK MARKERs are a good thing.

        They increase your 'end of the game' extra points.

        They also can be used (another GAME SECRET) to net you a cool
        one million points.

    SHIP ARMOUR is the only permanent 'protection' you have in this
    game, plus it is cummulative. They are fairly frequent during the
    game and cost MORE than an EXTRA LIFE so don't make light of them.

    The SHIELD bonus is only temporary and tends to run out just when
    you need it the most. Shield + KAMAKAZE LEVEL = BIG POINTS.

    There is a MIRROR MODE bonus - very rare - that will give you TWO
    ships that run in 'mirror' to each other. It is far to easy to lose
    track of which of the ships is your REAL one. Keep them close
    together and enjoy the extra firepower. The MYSTERY BONUS (the
    little question mark) can give you just about anything in the game
    that can be 'caught' including money, points, EXTRA BULLET, EXTRA
    SPEED, and just about anything else. You may get a DRUNK MODE bonus
    from the MYSTERY BONUS too, which will temporarily reverse your
    controls (cool huh?). It is short lived, so stay out of harm's way
    until it wears off - since it usually wears off just as you are
    getting used to it (plunging you into the hands of the enemy). Learn
    the value of a dollar. BLUE COINs are worth the most at $200 - if
    you get a MONEY BOMB or shoot down the MONEY SHIP, be sure you go
    for the concentration of the most valuable coins. Seems like another
    rhetorical strategy, but you would be amazed.

    The Secrets

    Secrets. Things we all want to know, but sometimes shouldn't know.
    Within Deluxe Galaga, you can 'purchase' many secrets (at quite a
    premium) - 14 in total.

[Source: Shane Monroe, Deluxe Galaga Official Website]



         D E L U X E

         *********      ***** ***          *****  *********      *****
         ***           ****** ***         ******  ***           ******
         ***          **  *** ***        **  ***  ***          **  ***
         ***   ***   ******** ***       ********  ***   ***   ********
         ***    **  **    *** ***      **    ***  ***    **  **    ***
         ********* **     *** ******* **     ***  ********* **     ***

            Made by Edgar M. Vigdal                        ©EMV94




01. Catching a skull will add to the chances that extra life and

cash multiplier bonuses appear.

02. By shooting the hurry-up ship, you can collect the rank marking

that you are missing.

03. When a smart bomb has exploded and the gems are falling, you

can collect them by holding down the joystick.

04. If you have a multiply when entering the meteor storm, you may

get a lot of points.

05. Catching a warp icon in an alien stage with a bonus level will

give you a perfect score.

06. Red, green and blue skulls will give you a very good weapon,

full fire power and the best ship speed.

07. When a hurry-up ship has appeared 8 times, a money ship will

appear. Shooting this ship can make you a lot of money.

08. If you have a weapon type and catch the same weapon, you will

get more firepower.

09. Completing the meteor storm will give you 100,000 points and

1,000 in cash. And if you go through ?accelerated? (button down) you

will get 2,500 in cash.

10. You can figure out what skull you have not taken by looking at

the colour of the meteors in the meteor storm.

11. If you have caught 2 aliens and the scope is active, you can get

a lot of points by the aliens off the screen.

12. If you have the rank of Admiral and you buy more rank markings,

you will get 1,000,000.

13. Having a multiply active when completing the game will give you

a lot of points.

14. If you have all the rank markings for a new rank and then buy

more rank markings, you will instead buy a new rank.

[Source: Ivan Wheelwright (Amigaholic), The Attic BBS - Adelaide, Australia]

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