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DeLuxe Galaga
DeLuxe Galaga - Double Barrel Screenshot
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If you die during a warp malfunction, the game skips the tax-free shop and the next level. You can use this to your advantage in the harder levels, especially in the Big Trouble stages. So make sure you have plenty of lives left. When you get to the level you want to skip, especially Big Trouble, just pray for a warp malfunction! If you get a warp malfunction, just kill yourself once. (It’s a good idea not to do this until there’s only one alien left on the screen).



1. It is generally not a good idea to spend any credits until you

have 500. When you get 500 credits, buy the Super Weapon.

2. If you hold down the fire button (make sure to disable autofire

if you have it on) from the moment you grab the Meteor Storm

icon right up to the end of the Meteor Storm, you will get the

secret $5000 bonus (This only works in version 2.4 and possibly

the upcoming 2.5).

3. On Version 2.4, it is not a good idea to buy the $3000 weapon

until you’re in levels 51-75.

4. The weapons that cost $750 and higher are generally not very

handy unless you have autofire (Ver 2.4). If you do have

autofire and have one of these weapons, what you have is an

incredibly nasty weapon!

5. You can also “cheat” by using a hex editor and editing the main

program. Just find the part of the code that lists all the

prices in the tax-free shop (make sure they are not part of the

menu, if you modify the menu in any way the game won’t run!)

and change the numbers to whatever you want. This way, you can

make everything cost nothing if you want! However, you’ll

still need $50 to enter the shop, and $400 for continues (or

$200, in version 2.3).



01. Catching a skull will add to the chances that extra life and

cash multiplyer bonuses appear.

02. By shooting the hurry-up ship, you can collect the rank marking

that you are missing.

03. When a smart bomb have exploded and the gems are falling. You

can collect them by holding down the joystick.

04. If you have a multiply when entering the meteor-storm, you may

get alot of points.

05. Catching a warp icon in an alien stage with a bonus level will

give you a perfect score.

06. Red, Green and Blue skulls will give you a very good weapon.

Full fire power and the best ship speed.

07. When a hurry-up ship have appeared 8 times. A money ship will

appear. Shooting this ship can give you alot of money.

08. If you have a weapon type, and catch the same weapon, you will

get more firepower.

09. Completing the Meteor-storm will give you 100,000 points and

1,000 in cash. And if you … hmm. He He..

10. You can figure out what skull you have not taken by looking at

the colour of the meteors in the meteor storm.

11. If you have caught 2 aliens and the scope is active. You can get

alot of points by the aliens off the screen.

12. If you have the rank of Admiral and you buy more rank markings,

you will get 1,000,000.

13. Having a multiply active when completing the game will give you

alot of points.

14. If you have all the rank markings for a new rank, and then buy

more rank markings, you will instead buy a new rank.

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