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First Samurai, The
First Samurai, The - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 22 reviews 2 manuals Cheatcode 5 weblinks
116 screenshots 6 boxscans 4 diskscans 5 miscshots 4 conversions 4 gamemaps
Year of the first release1991LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)2PublisherImage Works (Mirrorsoft) - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisherCollectors (Ubi Soft) - Worldwide
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperVivid Image
ArtistsCoder : Raffaele Cecco
Graphician : Paul Docherty (Dokk)
Graphician : Teoman Irmak
Musician : Michael Davis
Musician : Nick Jones
Misc : John Twiddy
Misc : Mev Dinc (Mevlüt Dinç)
Misc : Nick Steadman
Misc : Paul Docherty (Dokk)
Misc : Raffaele Cecco
Misc : Teoman Irmak
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeyes
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2021-07-18 23:28:32
HD installnoHD notes
SubcategoryPlatform - Basher
QuickmatchEnhanced Features - Utilises Extra Memory
ScrolltypeScrolling - Multi-directional
ThemeAnimal World - Bats
ThemeAnimal World - Mythological Creatures - Dragons
ThemeAnimal World - Rodents
ThemeFantasy - Swords & Sorcery
ThemeFantasy - Wizards, Witches & Warlocks
ThemeMythological - Japanese
Conversion hardwareApple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (iOS)
Atari ST/E
Commodore C64/128
Nintendo SNES (Super Famicom)
Conversion notes

PC versions: VGA

N.B. Originally planned for release on the C64GS, the game was adapted for standard C64 release due to the console's commercial failure resulting from C='s poor support.

Classic compilationFirst Samurai & Mega Lo Mania
Fun Radio La Compil Micro 4
Relationshipis a precursor to Second Samurai
is a precursor to Second Samurai
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Rarity: One version is common, at least one other version is rare One version is common, at least one other version is rareOne version is common, at least one other version is rare

[1] Game concept, design & storyline by Vivid Image Developments (Mev Dinc, John Twiddy, Paul Docherty); additional game design/ideas by Raffaele Cecco, Teoman Irmak and Nick Steadman. Coding by Raffaele Cecco. Main graphics by Teoman Irmak; additional gfx by Paul Docherty (Dokk). Music/sound FX by Nick Jones; title music by Michael Davis. System utilities by John Twiddy (map editor) and Mev Dinc.

[2] Min. Requirements: 512k ram
Recommended: 1MB ram (for enhanced features incl. in-game music and extra sound FX)

[3] Distributed in Italy by Leader.

[4] Game features support for storing game positions (i.e. via personalized access codes).

TRIVIA: [1] Mev Dinc, one of the head-honchos at Vivid Image Design, cheekily coined the game name FIRST SAMURAI to parody System 3's THE LAST NINJA. Of course, it is no big secret that he and his partners in crime (Hugh Riley and John Twiddy) at Vivid Image had previously worked on the 8-bit versions of LAST NINJA 2 at System 3 before going it alone as a development team. [Source: CU Amiga preview, Jan 91, p36; Commodore Format Archive interview (circa 2018)]

[2] FIRST SAMURAI was the first 16-bit game that coder Raffaele Cecco ever worked on, following his stellar 8-bit work in developing game classics for the Spectrum and Amstrad. [Sources: The One preview, Issue 27 (Dec 90), pp165-166]

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