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World Karate Championship
also known as International Karate
R E V E R S E   E N G I N E E R E D   M O D I F I C A T I O N
World Karate Championship - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information Review Manual Cheatcode Weblink
Screenshot Boxscan Diskscan Miscshot Conversion Gamemap
Year of the first release2013LicenseReverse Engineered Modification
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherEpyx - USA
Number max of players2Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players2DeveloperAndromeda
ArtistsCoder : Istvan Gseri
Coder : Philippe Guichardon (Meynaf)
Graphician : Zoltán Tóth (Sultan)
Misc : Mark Cale
Language in manual
Amiga original gameno
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes

- Simply unpack the contents of the WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP game archive to a folder on HD.

- Launch the game from the icon.

SubcategoryBeat-'em-up - Competitive
ScrolltypeSingle Screen
ThemeSport - Martial Arts - Karate
ThemeWorld Culture - Oriental
Conversion hardwareApple II/IIGS
Atari 800/130/XL/XE
Atari ST/E
C64 Direct-to-TV (C64 DTV)
Commodore C64/128
Conversion notes

Based on 1986 Epyx C64/128 release; Amiga conversion ported from 1986 Andromeda/Epyx Atari ST release.
PC versions: CGA

N.B. Released outside the U.S. as INTERNATIONAL KARATE.

Classic compilation
Relationshipis a precursor to IK+
is a precursor to IK+
is a precursor to International Karate +
is a precursor to International Karate +
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Rarity: Common as mud Common as mud

[1] Original game design by Mark Cale. Amiga conversion reverse engineered from the Atari ST release by Philippe Guichardon (Meynaf); original Atari ST coding by Istvan Gseri. Original graphics by Zoltán Toth (Sultan).

[2] Min. Requirements: OCS/ECS chipset, 68030/25 CPU

[3] WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP is available for download from the EAB website (see HERE).

[4] More info. about the Amiga conversion can be read in this EAB thread.

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