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GR.A.C (Graphic Adventure Creator) Version 2
GR.A.C (Graphic Adventure Creator) Version 2 - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Year of the first release1995LicenseLicenceware
Number of disks (or CD)1PublisherF1 Licenceware - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperDTO Software
ArtistsCoder : Edmund Clay (E.W. Clay)
Graphician : Edmund Clay (E.W. Clay)
Musician : Edmund Clay (E.W. Clay)
Misc : Edmund Clay (E.W. Clay)
Language in manualEnglish
Amiga original gameyes
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseno
WHD installnoWHD information
HD installyesHD notes

- Double-click the supplied HD installer to initiate installation.

- Approx. 1MB HD space is required.

SubcategoryUtility - Construction Kit
QuickmatchCoding - AMOS
QuickmatchCoding - Graphic Adventure Creator V2 (GRAC 2)
ScrolltypeSingle Screen
ViewpointFirst Person
Conversion hardware
Conversion notes
Classic compilation
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Rarity: Rare RareRareRare

[1] Written in AMOS Professional. Adventure construction kit design, coding, graphics & sound by Edmund Clay.

[2] GRAC 2 is a construction kit allowing end-users to create graphical point and click adventure games.

[3] Min. Requirements: 1MB ram.

[4] It should be noted that GRAC 2, as stated in the on-disk manual, is completely incompatible with GRAC 1.0/1.1.

[5] ***GRAC 2 (full licenceware release)*** was originally released on F1 Licenceware disk FG-001, but was made freely available for download by coder Edward Clay in 2000 and is available from the following sources:

GRAC 2 (HD version) (dir: game/role/GRAC2.lha) [Source: Aminet]
GRAC 2 (ADF-DMS disk/HD versions) [Source: EAB FTP site]
GRAC 2 (ADF-DMS disk/HD versions) [Source: EAB FTP mirror site]
GRAC 2 (HD version) [Source: Ami Sector One]

[3] Known games created with GRAC 2 include:

- Entity
- Epsilon 9: The Revenge of the Stingons
- Geo's Quest
- Geo's Quest 2
- Keith's Quest
- Lethal Formula
- Lord of Alcandria: Chapter II
- Lord of Alcandria: Chapter III
- Retro Wars IV ¼
- The Dodgy Game
- The Experiment
- The World of Magic
- The World of Magic II: Ghelae and the Death-Sword

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