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Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero
also known as Quest For Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero
Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero - Double Barrel Screenshot
Information 11 reviews Manual Cheatcode 4 weblinks
8 screenshots 2 boxscans Diskscan Miscshot 1 conversion 1 gamemap
Year of the first release1990LicenseCommercial
Number of disks (or CD)5PublisherSierra - Worldwide
Number max of players1Budget publisher
Simultaneous max players1DeveloperSierra
ArtistsCoder : Corey Cole
Coder : Dan Foy
Coder : Jeff Stephenson
Coder : John Rettig
Coder : Pablo Ghenis
Coder : Robert E. Heitman (Bob Heitman)
Coder : Robert W. Lindsley
Coder : Stuart Goldstein
Graphician : Cindy Walker
Graphician : Jeff Crowe
Graphician : Jerry Moore
Graphician : Kenn Nishiuye
Musician : Chris Braymen
Musician : Mark Seibert
Misc : Lori Ann Cole
Language in manual
Amiga original gameno
Have cheatcodeno
Have SPS releaseyes
WHD installyesWHD information
Updated  2020-04-23 20:34:49
HD installyesHD notesHD installer is contained on disk 1.
SubcategoryAdventure - Point & Click
ThemeFantasy - Swords & Sorcery
Conversion hardwareAtari ST/E
Tandy PC/IBM PCjr
Conversion notesBased on 1989 Sierra On-Line PC/Tandy release.
PC versions: Hercules, CGA, EGA, MCGA/VGA, Tandy
Classic compilation
Relationshipis a precursor to Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire
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Rarity: One version is common, at least one other version is rare One version is common, at least one other version is rareOne version is common, at least one other version is rare
Notes:   [1] After the original multi-platform release of HERO'S QUEST, the game series was renamed to QUEST FOR GLORY in 1990 due to a conflict in copyright relating to Milton Bradley's adventure boardgame HeroQuest.

[2] Game story & dialogue by Lori Ann Cole.
Game development system by Jeff Stephenson, Robert Heitman, Pablo Ghenis, Stuart Goldstein and Corey Cole; Amiga conversion by Robert W. Lindsley, John Rettig and Dan Foy.
Background gfx & animation by Kenn Nishiuye, Gerald Moore, Jeff Crowe and Cindy Walker.
Music by Mark Seibert and Chris Braymen.

[3] Game autoboots from floppy or can be launched from WB.

[4] Game supports full multitasking (memory permitting) and a quit back to WB option.

[5] HERO'S QUEST is freely available for download HERE [Source: BTTR].

Last known release: V1.134 (1990)

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