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Lollypop - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Enter “BIBBIB” for the password to play a hidden game.

During play, type “BRAINB” and press ‘RETURN’. The message BRAIN

BUG KEYCODES ENABLED should appear. Now use the following keys: ‘F2’_____________________________Toggles invincibility

‘1’-‘8’________________Jump to the corresponding level

‘9’_______________________________Jump to games ending

‘1’-‘9’ on keypad_________________Warp to hidden rooms

‘TAB’_____________________________________Finish level

During play, type “MAMA” and press ‘RETURN’. The message CHEAT KEYCODES ENABLED should appear. Now use any of the keys above and enter any of the following followed by ‘RETURN’:


“LIVES”_________________________________For nine lives “DIE”____________________________________Kill yourself “SETCHK”_____________________________Set restart point “SMARTS”_________________________________For five film “ITEMS”____________________________Gives you all items “LEVEL”_________________________________Complete level “GAME”_____________________________Jump to game ending “EMONST”__________________Jump to end of level monster “CREDIT”__________________________________Show credits “VERS”_______________________________Show game version “DEBUG”________________________Shows debug information “LEVRON”___________________________Turns on all levers “ADJUST”______________Enable/disable frame rate adjust “ADDWGT”_____________Enable/disable extra-enemy weight


NOTE: All of the above cheats work!




2-“DNR3FJ” 4-“DOEKIP” 6-“DSRV4V” 8-“DS8QXW”

3-“DM5L8X” 5-“DTOT7U” 7-“EOL3FO”

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