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Napalm: The Crimson Crisis
AGA/AmigaCD/AmigaOne-Sam4x0-Pegasos II-AmigaPPC (AmigaOS 4)/RTG
alias Diversia [Prerelease name]
Napalm: The Crimson Crisis - Double Barrel Screenshot
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Press ‘T’ during the game to bring up the text prompt, then enter

“6WARFOGY” to remove the Fog of War.


After destroying an empty oil tower via the ‘K’ key (LMB & RMB) send

an oil driller quickly to that oil source and build a new tower on it.

Now you can take 3-4 tankers of oil to gain some extra credits. That

can be done twice before the source is empty.


If you have a group of different units, you should press the ‘CTRL’

key while selecting their destination in enemy territory to adjust the

speed of all units of the group automatically. This means that no

unit will be faster than the slowest of them!


The manual contains some wrong information. Here is what it should





The following units will be produced in Special Factories, not in the

Aerospace Center:


- Sioux (Tech Level 1)

- Chayenne (Tech Level 2)

- Transporter (Tech Level 3)




The following units will be produced in the Antigrav Factory, not in

the Cosmic Center:


- Antigrav (Tech Level 1)

- Giant Antigrav (Tech Level 2)


Pictures of defense tower WS01 and WS02 are mixed up.


Humans and Robots


It is NOT possible to build near the tunnel exit. They are not part

of the base.

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