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Naughty Ones
Naughty Ones - Double Barrel Screenshot
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On the title screen where the credits are displayed, type “JOSHUA” and the screen will flash white. You will now have infinite lives! During play press ‘DEL’, ‘SPACE’, or ‘RETURN’ to skip to the next level. The 5 levels are:


1 - Mad Mechanics

2 - Crazy Clocks

3 - Foreign Affairs

4 - World On Fire

5 - King Kefren

Do not try to skip the last level (King Kefren) or the game will crash!

On the first screen of the Crazy Clocks level, kill the number 9 baddie below where you start. Kill the drum by bouncing on the couch, and then move so you are underneath the clock and to the left. Jump up repeatedly and fire to kill it. Now fall down the gap under the clock and a bonus stage will appear. You need to be holding up on the joystick when the bonus screen appears to have any chance of completing it!

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