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Artist name Harald Kuhn
Birth date 1969-04-10
Mother country Germany
Notes Harald's first Computer was a self-built Apple 1 which was later followed by a C64, an A1000 and an A3000. He became part of the amiga scene by swapping disks, drawing pictures for scene demos and experimenting with S.E.U.C.K. The first graphics he created for Kingsoft were used for Hägar.

He subsequently founded the development team Scipio with three new coders to begin work on Yo! Joe!. Only the Amiga and PC versions were finished and not the planned Atari ST and MegaDrive/Genesis releases.

Harald decided to study in Maastricht with the rising popularity of CD-ROM and the future of more ''movie-like'' computer games. He finished his studies in 1997 and worked as a 3D graphics artist in post-production for music videos (Echt, Basis, Doro Pesch, Spacefrog). Since 2000 he has lived in Berlin as a comic-artist with his own studio called ''koketsu'' which continues to produce the series Shokuhn.
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