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Developer name Data Designs
Long name Data Design InterActive / Data Design Systems
Birth year 1983
Year of death 2012
Addresses Data Design Interactive,
10/11 Birmingham Street,
West Midlands, B63 3HN
Tel: +44 (0)121 504 3820
FAX: +44 (0)121 585 1231
[last known contact details]
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Historical Timeline

1984 - 1990: Data Design develops games for early platforms such as the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Atari ST.

1990 - 1993: Develops games for 1st generation consoles and handhelds, including C64, Sega Master System and Nintendo NES/Game Boy.

1994 - 1995: Develops games for 2nd generation consoles and handhelds, including the Amiga (PINKIE, X-IT), Nintendo SNES, Sega Mega Drive/Game Gear and Atari Jaguar.

1996 - 2001: Develops games for PC, kiosk platforms and Sony Playstation.

2002 - 2003: Data Design develops their Game Orientated Development System (G.O.D.S.) engine (cross-platform development system) and simultaneously produces NICKELODEON PARTY BLAST for PC, Game Cube, Xbox and PlayStation 2.

2005: Data Design releases 26 titles for the Playstation 2.

2006: Data Design becomes a Sony Playstation publisher in its own right.

2007: Data Design becomes a licensed Nintendo Wii developer/publisher and launches the Popcorn Arcade - a Nintendo Wii mid-price label that mostly realised mediocre titles for the platform - after acquiring Metro3D Europe Ltd. (Metro3D, Inc.'s European office).

2008: Data Design opens new U.S. offices in Florida.

2012: Due to insolvency, Data Design's original UK office goes out of business and closes its doors on 24 August 2012.
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