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T-BirdOCS 1989PALVirgin Mastertronic
Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
Take 'Em OutOCS 1989SaiconArtronic
TalespinOCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Tank BusterOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
TankAttack (CDS)OCS 1989I GamesCDS [Nimrod Holdings]
TarghanOCS 1989SilmarilsGainstar
TechOCS 1989Omega TeamGainstar
Temple Of The Enlightened Souls, TheOCS 1989DynamicSoftsell
Tennis CupOCS 1989Electronic Zoo
Terror LinerOCS 1989Wolf
Terry's Big AdventureOCS 1989GametecShades (Grandslam)
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Muscle CarsOCS 1989Accolade
Test Drive II Car Disk: The Super CarsOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II Scenery Disk: California ChallengeOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Test Drive II: The DuelOCS 1989Distinctive (D.S.I.)Accolade
Things To Do With NumbersOCS 1989Soft Stuff
Things To Do With WordsOCS 1989Soft Stuff
Thrill Time: Platinum 2OCS 1989 Elite
ThunderbirdsOCS 1989TequeGrandslam / Grand Slam
Tie-BreakOCS 1989StarbyteStarbyte
Tiger RoadOCS 1989ProbeCapcom
GO! (U.S. Gold)
Tim Und Struppi Auf Dem MondOCS 1989Infogrames
TimeOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Empire [Entertainment International]
Time RunnerOCS 1989Red RatRed Rat
Time ScannerOCS 1989Foursfield / Fours FieldActivision
Time SoldierOCS 1989Smart EggElectrocoin
Tintin On The MoonOCS 1989Infogrames
Tintin Sur La LuneOCS 1989Infogrames
TitanOCS 1989Titus
Tom & JerryOCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & Jerry 2OCS 1989Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Tom & Jerry: Hunting High And LowOCS 1989Innerprise
Magic Bytes (micro-partner/Ariolasoft)
Topografie NederlandOCS 1989Courbois
Total EclipseOCS 1989Major Developments [Incentive]MicroStatus (MicroProse)
Spotlight (Cinemaware)
Track Suit Manager (Goliath)OCS 1989GoliathAgain Again (Tiger/Alternative)
Trained AssassinOCS 1989Digital Magic
System 4 (S4)
Treasure Island DizzyOCS 1989Highlanders, TheCodemasters/Code Masters
Triple XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Tripple-XOCS 1989Axxiom (micro-partner/MicroProse)
Trivia: The Ultimate QuestOCS 1989Shades (Grandslam)
Trivial Pursuit: Amiga Genus EditionOCS 1989Oxford Digital Enterprises (ODE)Domark
Trois Petits Cochons s'Amusent, LesECS OCS
Trump Castle: The Ultimate Casino Gambling SimulationOCS 1989Capstone (IntraCorp)
Tumbler StreetOCS 1989Vidball
TurboOCS 1989SilentMicroIllusions
Turbo Trax (Microdeal)OCS 1989Microdeal [MichTron]
Turn ItOCS 1989SoftTouch / Soft TouchKingsoft
Tale / Talesoft
Turtle Table Tennis SimulationOCS 1989Starbyte
Twilight's RansomOCS 1989Paragon
TwinWorld: Land of VisionOCS 1989Blue ByteUbi Soft
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