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developer information
Developer name ERE (Infogrames)
Long name ERE Informatique/International (Infogrames)
Mother country France
Notes Originally a French developer, ERE, was bought by Infogrames in 1986. Still exists as a label today.
Labels Exxos (ERE/Infogrames)
Main company Infogrames
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publisher information
Publisher name Mindscape
Long name Mindscape International
Birth year 1983
Mother country USA
Notes Established in 1983. In January 1987, the company was purchased from its parent corporation, SFN Companies, by Mindscape Chairman John Purcell and Mindscape President and CEO Roger Buoy. In 1986/87, Mindscape acquired the products of software companies Scarborough Systems, Learning Well, and CBS Interactive Learning. The acquisitions made Mindscape an even bigger player in both the education and entertainment fields.
Labels Thunder Mountain (Mindscape)
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