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developer information
Developer name Scorpius
Long name Scorpius Software
Birth year 1991
Year of death 1997
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Created by Mark Sheeky (programming, graphics, audio). Beginning with shareware games, later releasing games as Licenceware via 5th Dimension, followed by commercial titles. Sheeky currently develops PC games for Cornutopia.
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publisher information
Publisher name Vulcan
Long name Vulcan Software Limited
Birth year 1994
Mother country United Kingdom
Notes Established in 1994 by coder, Paul Carrington. They focused exclusively on developing and publishing Amiga games, but in late 1998 abandoned the declining Amiga market in favour of the PC. They have since worked on PC games and development/internet tools including Mother3D, Valhalla3D and Hybrid, but appear to have stagnated with no news updates on their website since 2004.
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