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Publisher name Electronic Arts
Birth year 1982
Mother country USA
Notes Currently active as one of the world's biggest developers and publishers of games software for PC & the consoles.
Labels Star Performer (Electronic Arts)
Software Classics (Electronic Arts)
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Archon Collection, The 1989 Electronic Arts
Earl Weaver Baseball: The Commissioner's DiskOCS 1989Mirage GraphicsElectronic Arts
Hound Of Shadow, TheOCS 1989Eldritch GamesElectronic Arts
Iron LordOCS 1989Electronic Arts
Ubi Soft
Keef The Thief: A Boy And His LockpickOCS 1989Electronic Arts
Match PairsOCS 1989Computer SightElectronic Arts
One To One MatchOCS 1989Computer SightElectronic Arts
PopulousOCS 1989BullfrogElectronic Arts
Populous: The Promised LandsOCS 1989BullfrogElectronic Arts
PowerdromeOCS 1989Michael PowellElectronic Arts
StarflightOCS 1989MicroMagicElectronic Arts
Swords Of TwilightOCS 1989Free FallElectronic Arts
Will Harvey's Zany GolfOCS 1989SandcastleElectronic Arts
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