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Publisher name Magic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
Long name Magic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag R. Kleinegräber)
Birth year 1992
Year of death 1996
Mother country Germany
Notes Label refounded and trademarked by R. Kleinegräber one year after the 1991 demise of micro-partner (former owner of the Magic Bytes label).
Main company Verlag R. Kleinegräber / Magic Bytes Verlag
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Box Vol. 1, The 1994 Magic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
Kind of Magic 4 1994 Magic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
Penthouse Hot Numbers DeluxeAGA 1994ElevenMagic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
Penthouse Hot Numbers DeluxeECS OCS
1994ElevenMagic Bytes (Magic Bytes Verlag)
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