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publisher information
Publisher name Team 17
Long name Team 17 Software Ltd.
Birth year 1990
Mother country United Kingdom
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Alien BreedECS OCS
1991Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed 3DAGA 1995Team 17Ocean
Team 17
Alien Breed 3DCD32 1995Team 17Ocean
Team 17
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing GroundsAGA 1996Team 17Ocean
Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesAGA 1993Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed Special Edition 92ECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAGA ECS
1994Team 17Team 17
Apache & Overdrive DemoECS OCS
1993Team 17
AssassinECS OCS
1992PsionicTeam 17
Assassin Special EditionECS OCS
1994PsionicTeam 17
Body BlowsECS OCS
1993Team 17
Body BlowsAGA 1994Team 17
Body Blows GalacticECS OCS
1994Team 17Team 17
Body Blows GalacticAGA 1994Team 17
Final Over: Arcade Sports Cricket
AGA  Team 17
Full ContactECS OCS
1991Team 7Team 17
Overdrive (Team 17)ECS OCS
1993PsionicTeam 17
Project-XECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Project-X (Revised Edition)ECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
Pussies Galore
 Amber DevelopmentsTeam 17
Speris Legacy, TheAGA 1995Binary EmotionsOcean
Team 17
Speris Legacy, TheCD32 1996Binary EmotionsOcean
Team 17
Super StardustAGA 1994BloodhouseTeam 17
Super StardustCD32 1995BloodhouseTeam 17
SuperfrogECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
SuperfrogCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
Ultimate Body BlowsCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
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