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Artist name Stefan Boberg (Antiaction/Defjam)
Mother country Sweden
Notes Stefan Boberg started his scene days in the late 1980s as C64 coder/cracker for 0498 Cracking Group and United Style Crackers. He soon moved on to the Amiga and was a member of many groups including D-Mob, Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Phenomena (PHA), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), Tetragon, Vortex 42 (V42), and Defjam.

One of Boberg's greatest achievements while a scener was the development of 'LhA' in the early 90s, which was the benchmark archiver on the Amiga until perhaps the release of 'LZX' a few years later. 'LhA' provided a launchpad for Boberg as a commercial coder. He started in the games industry with Team 17 by providing technical consultancy for their early games (e.g. MIAMI CHASE, FULL CONTACT, ALIEN BREED). Later he developed games for them on a full-time basis, which included ALIEN BREED: TOWER ASSAULT (Amiga/CD32) and PINBALL ADDICTION (PC/PSX/Dreamcast). Following his time as a games developer with Team 17, Boberg freelanced in technology development, which culminated in his appointment as R&D Manager at Team 17. In that role he focused on data infrastructure and cross-platform development and oversaw the general technological development.

Stefan Boberg worked as Chief Technical Officer at Digital Illusions CE AB (DICE) and currently works as Technical Director at Epic Games.
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Alien BreedECS OCS
1991Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed II: The Horror ContinuesCD32 1994Team 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultCD32 1994Team 17Team 17
Alien Breed: Tower AssaultAGA ECS
1994Team 17Team 17
Arcade PoolAGA ECS
1994AntitesiTeam 17
Arcade Snooker
AGA 1995Team 17CU Amiga [EMAP]
Full ContactECS OCS
1991Team 7Team 17
Miami ChaseECS OCS
1990Team 7Codemasters / Code Masters
Project-XECS OCS
1992Team 17Team 17
Project-X (Revised Edition)ECS OCS
1993Team 17Team 17
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