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publisher information
Publisher name Tengen (Atari)
Birth year 1988
Year of death 1994
Mother country USA
Notes Formed by Atari Games in 1987. Signed with Domark to make computer coin-op conversions in 1988. Bought by Time-Warner in 1993. TW were bought by Midway in 1996. Midway shut down all arcade operations in 2001, thus killing Atari Games/Tengen.
Main company Domark
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artist information
Artist name Jürgen Friedrich
Notes There is a photo and some background information about Juergen in Amiga Computing Issue 19 (Vol 2 No 7) on pages 14-15.
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Hard Drivin'ECS OCS
Tengen (Atari)
Hard Drivin' II: Drive HarderECS OCS
Tengen (Atari)
S.T.U.N. RunnerECS OCS
1990Kremlin, The (Domark)Domark
Tengen (Atari)
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